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  1. If your experiencing problems with beta firmware please post in the beta section https://stbtalk.com/index.php?/forum/44-beta-testers/
  2. Video players dont solve solve freezing issues UNLESS the streaming codec isn't supported which is rare. To answer your question, you can download video players on your box but cannot replace or add to the LIVE players on buzztv app. video players are embedded into the application to optimum performance. To troubleshoot freezing start with wifi vs lan. try speed test on your box (fast.com). if your speed is good then try other channels, if some channels freeze and others don't freeze that tells you the issue is on your provider side.
  3. XR4500 & XRS4500 is available in a couple weeks. ST4000 wont be available early March, however corona virus may delay things to end of March or early April.
  4. are you using the original power supply that came with the unit? sometime if your box doesn't get enough power it could result in being stuck on the logo. nbs. is correct about the av hole and how it can be tricky at times.
  5. Some new boxes experience this device not authorized issue. This problem is resolved for all who experience it. Thanks
  6. another easy solution factory reset your box. it will run like brand new again.
  7. which model do you have so we can move this post into the proper section.
  8. For this problem you will need to mail back too us. Please go to www.buzztv.com/rma Thanks
  9. Go to Live TV, press menu button on your remote, configuration, switch video player to secondary.
  10. Keep in mind theirs 1000's of providers and most will be working smoothly. For the few experiencing problems these problems need to be troubleshoot, please email cs@buzztv.com with your serial number. Micro-freezing can be caused by ISP, router, wifi, server, app,video player, video codec etc IF you saying xpl3000 doesn't have this problem the simple reason is the default player is different on XR/XRS4000. Go to Live TV, press menu button on your remote, configuration, switch video player to secondary. For most people the Default player works very well but we have a secondary player for a reason.
  11. Another option is to remove the adult section from the list of categories. hover over the categories and press the green button on your remote.
  12. There's only a handful of android boxes certified by Netflix HD while 100's of android boxes on the market are stuck with SD version. Its nearly impossible to get Netflix certified. Most people would use their smart tv for Netflix and the box for all other apps including IPTV.
  13. you are correct but we managed to fixed the issue in the last update.
  14. after the TV show is finished it should go to the next episode automatically.
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