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  1. this post shouldn't be in the news and announcements section.
  2. you can manually change the power definition in the settings menu. although its recommended to keep it the default way.
  3. Stugots

    Buzz XRS 4900

    Pricing hasn't been announced yet. It will be slightly more than XRS4500 MAX pricing.
  4. Stugots

    Not updating

    XPL3900 is using buzztv2 application. X4000 series/ vidsticks / essentials / is using buzztv4 application and will get buzztv5 update when it becomes available. You cannot change your mac address on buzztv4/5 however XC API (Streaming Line ) is supported. Instead of Mac address, this methods is username/password and allows you to use multiple devices.
  5. Stugots

    Buzz XRS 4900

    release date Feb 1st 2021.
  6. Stugots

    Buzz XRS 4900

    welcome to the technology world. we support existing models and come out with new models this is part of the evolution.
  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, this model is delayed until Q1 2021. XRS4900 is launching with buzzTV5 application and the software is not ready yet
  8. Use XC API (username/password) it allows you to share on multiple devices without the need of changing the mac address
  9. Stugots

    Buzz XRS 4900

    Limited Supply Shipping by Air . ETA is early December
  10. The problem is finally resolved. Unplug the power and re-plug the power. Now your able to take the update
  11. 1. Long Press [ TV Power + Source ] keys for 3 seconds Until you see the blue light LED turns Solid Blue. 2. Press the key to be programmed. Example [ TV Power ] The Blue LED begins to blink. 3. Aim the Remote to the front of the TV Remote( distance less then 3CM ) 1) Press Power button on Buzztv Remote 2) Press Power button on your TV remote. 3 ) You will see that Light will blink 3 times 4. Press Power on Buzztv TV remote to sync the code. Now test your Buzztv remote with your TV to make sure the power works. Also you can same type of steps for Source button on buzztv remote.
  12. Buddy please post this question in the proper section and not hijack the wrong threads https://stbtalk.com/index.php?/forum/48-xr4500-xrs4500/
  13. here you go BUZZTV-XRS4500-Manual-v6.pdf
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