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  1. Use XC API (username/password) it allows you to share on multiple devices without the need of changing the mac address
  2. Stugots

    Buzz XRS 4900

    Limited Supply Shipping by Air . ETA is early December
  3. The problem is finally resolved. Unplug the power and re-plug the power. Now your able to take the update
  4. 1. Long Press [ TV Power + Source ] keys for 3 seconds Until you see the blue light LED turns Solid Blue. 2. Press the key to be programmed. Example [ TV Power ] The Blue LED begins to blink. 3. Aim the Remote to the front of the TV Remote( distance less then 3CM ) 1) Press Power button on Buzztv Remote 2) Press Power button on your TV remote. 3 ) You will see that Light will blink 3 times 4. Press Power on Buzztv TV remote to sync the code.
  5. Buddy please post this question in the proper section and not hijack the wrong threads https://stbtalk.com/index.php?/forum/48-xr4500-xrs4500/
  6. here you go BUZZTV-XRS4500-Manual-v6.pdf
  7. here you go BuzzTV-XRS-XR4000-Manual-v5.pdf
  8. which app are you getting this error message?
  9. buzztv4 application allow for unlimited server slots so no need to convert m3u list into server slot. buzztv2 application had the option for 10 server slots.
  10. BuzzTV XR/XRS4500 is available at buzztvglobal.com, worldwidesatellites.com, ebay.ca/ebay.com and more sites coming soon.
  11. If your experiencing problems with beta firmware please post in the beta section https://stbtalk.com/index.php?/forum/44-beta-testers/
  12. Video players dont solve solve freezing issues UNLESS the streaming codec isn't supported which is rare. To answer your question, you can download video players on your box but cannot replace or add to the LIVE players on buzztv app. video players are embedded into the application to optimum performance. To troubleshoot freezing start with wifi vs lan. try speed test on your box (fast.com). if your speed is good then try other channels, if some channels freeze and others don't freeze that tells you the issue is on your provider side.
  13. XR4500 & XRS4500 is available in a couple weeks. ST4000 wont be available early March, however corona virus may delay things to end of March or early April.
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