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  1. @Rinny1the old box was, in fact, factory reset when the tech reflashed the box to the Aug 11th update. It had all the same problems i had before it being reflashed - can't record, freezing/jittery picture, etc.
  2. My experience with this X5 box since I bought it July 5th has been nothing short of a nightmare when it comes to the native player! First I can't change channel being recorded. Told 20220822 update would fix the issue - it didn't. Couldn't record at all. Have been working with various techs for about 6 months now - do this, do that. Finally, on Tuesday, they downloaded this update for me to install. Big mistake - not only did no recording issue remain but now Live TV froze constantly or, when it did play, the picture was jittery - totally unwatchable! US tech support had me go to Canadian office to try & fix or replace box. They flashed old box to 20220811 firmware (which I was never offered - just 20220714 & 20220822(26?). No change, same issues. Tech flashed a new box - success! Could record multiple programs & freezing/jittery picture was ALMOST eliminated. Yesterday, turn the box on & this update was waiting for me. No way Jose - wasn't taking the chance on same/different issues after all I've been through! Set up my new box & it performed very well. Bottom line...I'm not updating till I need to. I recommend everyone do the same thing. I believe my first box was a lemon so maybe updating would be fine but too hesitant at the moment. Kudos to tech support who stuck with it. Extra thanks to James & Justin in Canadian office for their help - & replacing the box when I asked. Sorry for long post - but I've not only outlined the trials & tribulations I faced but the superior customer service that didn't leave me blowing in the wind (albeit taking more time then I would have liked - should have just replaced the box about a month ago). Yes, they put out regular updates but sometimes it introduces issues that weren't there previously - ergo, my warning not to rush to update till you check how it goes for others (as you can see, some people are facing issues after updating) Thanks for letting me vent & share my experiences. Hopefully, the new box continues to perform as it should (& is finally doing so) Regards. P.S. I don't need or want any snarky replies from certain people who know who they are. TIA!
  3. I installed the update yesterday. Had an issue prior to updating where i couldn’t change from channel i was recording. Now, i can’t record anything - oh, i can set it to record but get a message ‘waiting for recording/streaming url’ All recordings have 0 length. On top of that, the picture on many channels is jittery & even freezes for 4-5 sec. Tech support even logged into my box to figure things out - was supposed to get back to me today to log in again. Set a time, he didn’t call! With TiviMate, no issues whatsoever - recording or just watching channels.
  4. It took them sometimes days to get back to me - hence, the week/10 day timeframe. Oh, & i'm glad you find it funny!
  5. Did you have the issue yourself?? If not, don't assume - i'd like to hear from someone like 'Emporium' who i believe did have the same issue. CS/Tech Support were throwing possible solutions against the wall hoping that one would stick - none did - i know, i spent a week/10 days trying to get the issue fixed!
  6. Can anyone confirm that you can now record one program & change the channel while the recording is in progress?? CS/Tech Support said it was rectified with this update (which, obviously, i haven't installed YET) TIA!
  7. websurferdude


    We shall see - I'm not holding my breath that it's fixed. I haven't did the update - I want to wait to see if it behaves properly unlike the previous ones. Furthermore, yesterday had more issues (on 20220714 update) when using native player. Not only would it not record if I changed channels, but I had a message appear when trying to set recording - something about "waiting for server URL' whenever I set to record. I set a manual recording - not only didn't it record, it disappeared from my very eyes in the 'scheduled recording' section!! AND, I was getting multiple freeze ups on whatever channel I tried! Thank God for TiviMate - no issues whatsoever. The only thing your native player had over TM was Timeshifting but now I noticed that I can pause Live TV in TM whereas before it didn't work properly. To be fair, TM doesn't do FF/RW that the native player does - not without some issues (eg. stuttering, jumping forward) So...both you & CS/Tech Support says this new update will rectify all my issues (though changelog says nothing about doing so, as far as I can see). Is it possible, considering you have TeamViewer app on box that, should I still be experiencing issues, someone from Tech Support can connect to my box & try & fix the issues?? Perhaps with me on the phone with them as they're doing their magic? Please let me know if this is possible. TIA, Ray
  8. Just like with a computer/laptop (& the x5), it depends. I generally leave my laptops/desktop on 'hibernate' but occasionally, i will restart it to clear out the cache, eliminate memory leaks, etc. that sometimes creep in. I have found with the x5 (as well with other IPTV boxes i have) that doing a shutdown cuts down the number of those things from occurring. Had the x5 in 'suspend' mode, started it up & it was acting 'funky' - channels wouldn't open - message appearing 'stream isn't available, etc. So...i keep the option to 'shutdown' when i'm done with the box!
  9. websurferdude


    Doesn't look like it's been fixed yet, at least for me. Yesterday, i turned on one button recording. Started recording on a channel, red button was on both in the guide & bottom left hand side of screen with 4 buttons - TS, ?, Rec, ?. When i went to change channels, i got the same message as 'Emporium' got - that if i changed the channel, the recording would be cancelled. Do i need to turn one button recording off in order to be able to record one program on one channel & change to another channel?? Just as an FYI - i have 5 connections with my IPTV provider & only using internal storage - no external HD/SSD. TIA. P.S. I am on update 20220714.
  10. I had the EXACT same issue not only with SmartTube Next/YouTube apps but also with Prime Video. Spoke with Mark & he had me do exactly as 'allaboutbuzz' suggests. Viola, all three apps working as they should. Believe i started having the issue after the 20220714 update.
  11. Good point about the internal storage - hehe, forgot about that big one! The extra RAM is hardly noticeable tbh. I See now that there are boxes out with 8 Gigs! From the Shield owner you posted about - "I really believe that Buzz has made a box that can contend with the Nvidia Shield only I find the Buzz4900 smoother to operate." To each his/her own eh?!
  12. The x5 is only a player - it is not an IPTV service. The EPG comes from your provider. And sorry, NOTHING beats TiviMate. If you were to ask 100 people, 90+ would pick TM hands down. It's the best IPTV player bar none. But, to each his own. The ONLY thing the x5 has on TiviMate is the option to pause/ff/rew Live TV & even that is dependent on your provider(s). The 'home' screen looks like it was made by a 14 yr. old in his basement in the 80s! As for boxes, my Shield Pro runs circles around the x5, even if the processor is superior & it has an extra gig of RAM on the x5 - the major reasons i bought the x5 is on the strength of Troypoint's recommendation of it & the pause/ff/rew feature, not to mention i got it for 20% off over the Canada Day holiday!!
  13. Did you not pair the remote to the box first thing you set up when you first turned the box on?? That the BT400 remote for the box doesn't power the box on/off is weird indeed. Then you perform a two button press (can't remember which off hand) to pair the remote to control your TV's power & volume. P.S. Why are your posts not aligned properly?? From what device/browser are you posting?
  14. There we go - newbie mistake. Thx 'dishuser'!
  15. I thought i was - for instance, i posted this just under your quote
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