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  1. "dishuser", your right, I'm done. TK
  2. All I am doing is TRYING to get the most out of my X5. I believe ( maybe I'm being naive)) that there are other people who also would like to get the most out of their X5's as well. In my case I am mostly interested in recording with my X5. If I can learn more ,and, maybe help one person learn more, that can't be a bad thing. If you disagree , and want these tests to stop just say so . Terry Knapper
  3. Correction on my previous post. For some reason on my "Recordings" page, my 1st rec. now shows 30:19. This came up as soon as I started to watch it. 2nd rec showing now showing 30:31 3rd now showing 32:13 4th rec now showing as it did on the schedule. The rec times changing (when they did) was after I started to watch them. Interesting. Keeping in mind that I am NOT adding any record time to my recordings.
  4. Well here is the results of my first TEST record session. I am assuming that when the X5 "says" 59:29 recording time it means 59.29 min. 1st recording was at 12:00 AM until 12:30 AM for 1/2 hour. X5 recorded for 59.29 min 2nd recording was at 12:30 AM until 1:00 AM for 1/2 hour. X5 recorded for 29:55 min 3rd recording was at 4:04 AM for 1/2 hour (according to the scheduled time VIA X5) until 4:36AM (again schedule time) The X5 recorded for 1:02:04, again assuming this to be 1 hour, 2 min & 4 sec 4th recording was at 4:36 AM until 5:07AM (again scheduled time) for 1/2 hour. X5 recorded for 31:04. The scheduled record time were all supplied by the X5. I chose the recordings and time according to the EPG, which showed all shows exactly on the 1/2 hour i.e. 12 till 12:30, 12:30 till 1:00 and so on.
  5. "dishuser" you are right. That's why I either write things down or take a picture, because I can't remember shit!
  6. "Emporium", I have always noticed that the X5 power lite stays red during recordings; I should have mentioned that! Tonite I will look at the four recordings I did last nite. They were b to b 1/2 hour shows , two b to b on the same channel then two more BTB on the same channel an hour later. I find myself taking a picture of my scheduled recordings, because, I don't see any where to see the schedule I had set up once the recordings are done!.
  7. I recorded some shows last night. I haven't had time to "analyze" my work yet. All my recordings will be done "after hours' with all my components powered off. When all my "stuff" is powered off this includes the X5 which has its powers light "red".
  8. As I just mentioned, I am removing the extended recording time for all my up coming sessions.
  9. If I am recording b to b shows, wouldn't you think the X5 would consider that two separate recordings? Same channel or not. Any way, over the next few days I will by trying various scenarios and I'll post the results. I will be using a 5 connection sub.
  10. "dishuser", you may have a point there. I will drop "extended" record time when I try my next recording sessions. Having just said that, I would think that "extra" record time should not come into play if the X5 can record multiple recordings at the same time., if your sub, like mine ,has multiple connections.
  11. "cyrowth" I am still having issues when I try to record back to back shows on the same channel. Soon I am going to try recording back to back shows on different channels. I am also going to try three or four recordings at the same time. I have a 5 connection sub.
  12. "cyrowth", sorry, I didn't read the last line of your post. The short answer is no. I don't know of a "long" answer. I'm not even sure if this IS an issue. TK
  13. "Emporium" I was told , in no uncertain terms" that plugging and unplugging "things" can VOID warranty.
  14. Thanks "nbs". I never read the "Allaboutbuzz" stuff.
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