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  1. Like @allaboutbuzzsaid if u were in Europe u get that update because me I'm in Canada and I don't have any update coming,I'm still at .476
  2. Really?I don't have any updates?what's the update version?
  3. I know that ,that's why I ask him how he did it ,but no answer
  4. How did u do it, I curious ,cuz I have some channels that they don't sync properly
  5. Try it more ,I had some problems till I got it work ,all and all the remote is awesome
  6. I have this problems before with certain servers (I can't say names here)but yes is from the server. ,
  7. I think is the server problem,or try to change the player
  8. True I have the same problem with my unit ,I hope soon they will release a small update to fix this bug.
  9. I think is from the server too, happened with me today with one of the channels but when I went to the HD section the same channel had no sync problem.
  10. VOD on my server works good only with the secondary player ,the default player is out o sync ,so don't use the default player
  11. True ,just got it ,but weird cuz I know I'm on beta but didn't get it that time
  12. Hmmm ,I'm on the beta list too but I don't have the 4.0.474, I'm still on the 4.0.437 ,I guess I'm lucky
  13. Remember if u have problems with the remote after you restarting the box ,just Unplug for 2-3sec the usb dongle and plug it back ,the remote will work properly.
  14. Try to switch to the other usb ,mine was giving me some problems when I was connecting the dongle to the blue color usb, or maybe you dropped or someone dropped the remote and from there the problems start, just trying different scenarios .
  15. That's weird, I have the ARQ remote for more than 4months and the only problems I have when I restart or unplug the box ,I have to unplug and plug back the usb dongle because some of the buttons are not working but after doing that the remote works how it supposed to.
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