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  1. Hmmm ,I think I saw few boxes around that they have dual tuner ,I don't want to give names ,but are more expensive and I don't know how reliable they are
  2. Try the ARQ-100 you will never go back to the normal remote
  3. I have 3 ARQ 100 in the house and they are Not interfere with eachother so go one and get the second one
  4. Hmmm ,from my knowledge when I have this problem and if the factory reset doesn't solve it ,I take it in the consideration that it might be the module-chip(in ur situation the Bluetooth) doesn't respond properly to the software ,and since no box is perfect u might got the broken one, but there is hope ,a new update is on the pipes and will be released soon (I don't know the date when)
  5. U can't, but an update will come soon for that matter
  6. Hmmm weird ,I had some of this problem with an old xpl3000 but was because one of the tv was 4k and some how the box got stuck and didn't do the auto resolution switch what fixed my problem was only to switch that off and select manually the resolution I want.
  7. I don't have this issues with mine either ,and I have 3 of them and sold a dozen of them,none had this problem.
  8. Did you do a factory reset? Try that and see if is still the same, if it is than it might be hardware problem .
  9. Try it with a different tv and HDMI cable ,if have the same problem than is the box ,return it for warranty.
  10. Never gonna happen , I think you have to stick with xpl3000, why u need to change mac for?when you can get now streaming lines with 2 logins ,a lot of servers they offer that.
  11. Yes finally some changes ,now I can use the box properly. Thanks guys
  12. I heard that was an update for ppl with you ok3? I have both xrs4000 and 4500 but none of them got this update
  13. It is a sleep mode standby but still the box has to be on ,it doesn't have the option to wake up from sleep mode and record.
  14. I have the same message but it doesn't do anything anyway at least not with my box
  15. So I went to the lunch party and I pick up one to see whats the big update and the difference between the XRS4000 ,the Buzztv team very helpful and very nice and friendly with everyone , ok now let's start with the exterior of the Box . -Looks a little bit thicker than the xr4000 ,now on top of the box you see the specification of the box print it on the plastic which is a nice presentation from the buzztv team -The usb ports and microSD card now are on the opposite side - at the back the box the buzz team add it the optical digital connection which is a valuable add on for better audio output -The best add on is the Remote which now is a Big improvement over the xr4000, is faster has Bluetooth and keypad lightning (no more slow scrolling or double press to select something) On the software part is the same like the xr 4000 I didn't see to many changes so far, from my understanding is that buzz team are working on a new update with a lot of changes . I saw that the wi-fi is a bit better than the xr4000 due to the mimo add on( I have 500mbps plan ,on the xrs4000 speed test I have 180mbs on 5g, with xrs4500 I have 250-300mbps ),the video quality is better ,the EPG loads a little bit faster but that depends on the server too. Since is a fresh release I runned in to 1-2 small bugs: -If I install apps from Google Play or web or memory stick I can't see them on the app drawer to see them there I have to reboot the box , another small bug is that the ARQ 100 remote froze randomly and can't be used ,is coming back only if I unplug and plug back the usb dongle. If I missed something please add it on to this thread ,all in all I like the New XRS 4500 and I think with the new update coming will be one of the Best IPTV boxes on the market.
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