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  1. VOD on my server works good only with the secondary player ,the default player is out o sync ,so don't use the default player
  2. True ,just got it ,but weird cuz I know I'm on beta but didn't get it that time
  3. Hmmm ,I'm on the beta list too but I don't have the 4.0.474, I'm still on the 4.0.437 ,I guess I'm lucky
  4. Nelutz

    Arq 100 and xr4000

    Remember if u have problems with the remote after you restarting the box ,just Unplug for 2-3sec the usb dongle and plug it back ,the remote will work properly.
  5. Nelutz

    Arq 100 and xr4000

    Try to switch to the other usb ,mine was giving me some problems when I was connecting the dongle to the blue color usb, or maybe you dropped or someone dropped the remote and from there the problems start, just trying different scenarios .
  6. That's weird, I have the ARQ remote for more than 4months and the only problems I have when I restart or unplug the box ,I have to unplug and plug back the usb dongle because some of the buttons are not working but after doing that the remote works how it supposed to.
  7. Nelutz

    Arq 100 and xr4000

    Unplug and plug back the usb adapter-dongle u don't need to remove any battery.
  8. Nelutz

    Buttons stop working

    I saw that sometimes when restart the box or unplug and plug it back the box (xr,xrs4000-4500) some of the buttons from the remote doesn't respond ,the fix is to unplug and plug back the usb adapter.
  9. True that brother ,from December we have this problem if I remember but I bought the ARQ-100 and no more headache, I think the next box Buzz should include the ARQ -100 in the package ( that's a damn good remote).
  10. Yes will work ,right now I'm using 3 ARQ-100 and they work better than any remote so go ahead and get it , you will not regret it
  11. I'm using the xrs4500 for 3 months now ,I have the same apps that you have installed the tvzion, nordvpn plus some others extra ,true some of the apps are sluggish to load but I think is because of those particular apps like @allaboutbuzz said that they need updating, true the remote is kinda off problem but i bought the ARQ-100 remote and solve all the remote problems , all in all no box is perfect.
  12. Seams like this box is not for you ,so my question is ,why did u buy it ?u could easily watch some YouTube videos (a lot of them are there with tutorials or reviews)or come here and ask before you make the move on a box that is not for your needs ,my advice is sell it than leave it in ur closet.
  13. Wow ,that sucks , but I don't have this issue and I've been using Buzztv boxes since the 2016
  14. I don't have any problems with mine ,btw I use 3 servers right now and I don't have any of those problems that you mentioned, another problem is that some servers are working so bad with Buzz (I can't say names here) I will stay away from those ,btw the resellers told me that I never tried those servers
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