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  1. I'm using Tivimate at this time with my buzztv and no issues so far , actually I prefer tivimate because it has the option to see all the servers that you have on one list no need to disconnect and connect to other server ( all the servers are staying connected on one list), Maybe you have other apps that they conflict with tivimate, or depends where you download it from ,try to update it in Google play, i bought mine and I updated in Google play.
  2. Ask the seller of that service to change you to User name and password, and you can put that on any box that accepts xtream codes., including Buzztv boxes
  3. I had this from the moment they released the beta ,and still have it on some servers,with the primary player and most with secondary player, waiting on a new update.
  4. I did a reset of both of my xrs4500 ,and still I can't get the secondary player to work on that specific server and some channels from other servers, well I gave up,I will leave it like that work only with main player.
  5. Uif you did the update ,than probably you using the secondary player from the previous set-up, main player is better option now
  6. Ok I will do that today is not like I have something to do ,with this snow storm
  7. No is not like that I have doubt in what you saying,but is weird because I have two xrs and both have the same problems and I do all the steps to make it work but it doesn't maybe I do something wrong or I miss something , plus now if I stay in a channel that it shows me stream not available for 5-10 sec the app restarts and push me to the home screen
  8. Hmm ,maybe I have two xrs4500 that are broken?because it can be a problem with one but both are not working with that server , tomorrow I will try it on another xrs4500 to see if is true ,I will provide you with another log in that server and I want if possible to you to take a shot video an show me that is working on yours?
  9. Yes is working with the default player , weird because before this new buzztv 5 ,with the 4 I never had any issues with any server on the secondary player
  10. Yes I did that ,still the same problem on both xrs4500 ,is working on other servers but on that server is like I have to use the primary server to see the picture.
  11. Yes I did a reset , ofcorse with out back up, and after 30min I put back all my apps and servers, but the problem with that specific server that doesn't work with secondary player is still there ,I don't know how is working with you because like I said I have two xrs4500 and both not working with secondary player on that server I've change it the stream to HLS still the same problem "stream not available"
  12. Wow ,so something is wrong with my 4500
  13. Yeah is doing the same to me and I was waiting for 3 hours than I give up, btw I have a lot of restarts on the buzztv app when it shows me stream not available than the app restarts
  14. Doesn't want to take it gives me error
  15. Anyway ,it might be the device maybe I have to do a reset ,but is such a husle to type back all the servers
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