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  1. Bump Seams like it was was the Wi-Fi module but I'm lucky because buzztv have such good customer service and replace it with a new one Thanks @allaboutbuzz for being so nice and help me out on this matter.
  2. Oka ,I don't know if is still in warranty ,I remember I got it on the lunch day ,when I got a free t-shirt , funny is that I have a xrs4000 and is working flawless on the 5ghz no issues at all .
  3. I was about to open a thread about this ,with mine the same I used to be connected on 5Ghz wifi for almost a year but now seams like the 5Ghz is something wrong is like is not there it shows "couldn't connect" I did refreshing all the network (router and modem) but nothing it can't connect to the 5ghz , most of my devices are connected to the 5ghz in the house because the speed ,now I have to stay on the 2.4ghz where my connection with the buzztv is so low (from 500mbps I barely get 50-60mbps)when on 5Ghz I was getting 300mbps ,so @allaboutbuzz it will be a patch for that?
  4. What did I post on public info?did I post something that was classified? C'mon I don't think saying something about a fix is on the way is such a big deal
  5. Do you have a mouse remote connected to the box?if yes that that will might trigger the box to come on from the sleep mode ,I had that problem with some mouse remotes before.
  6. Msg @allaboutbuzz he will give you more details about it
  7. Is for beta testing ,it will be sent out by @allaboutbuzz from my understanding ,I was asking if anyone has the previous version of the buzztv app ,I will revert it back , until the beta one will be released.
  8. Well you the lucky one ,your server may accepted that ,but seams like some servers (mine and ppl that they see this problem)the CC disappeared from the secondary player ,I have CC on the primary player but is way to big fonts is not like before ,it will be nice to revert back to the older version of the buzztv untill the fix update will come but @allaboutbuzz mentioned that a fix release will be out next week
  9. Yes @allaboutbuzz is working on that issue ,if u use the default player it will have some CC ,only the second player lost the CC.
  10. Even with the primary player I don't have CC with my server , I hope a updated version of the buzztv app will be released
  11. Guys it is me but i have lost the CC option on the buzztv app??it is there but it shows Disabled?before I had the option to select what ever is available but now the same server nothing is available, I've tried other servers nothing is available , what's going guys? I thinking I will reverse back to the older version ,is possible to go go back to older version? Ok now I see it ,I already msg @allaboutbuzz about this problem
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