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  1. Remotes are very subjective, so we have a few versions to choose from. For those who love more buttons and shortcuts, the IR-200, BT-250, and ARQ200/220/250 will be your best option. These remotes have a smart learning feature; you can manually learn your TV remote codes on your buzztv remote. These remotes do not support OTA updates, and only ARQ200/220/250 have backlights. For those who mainly use D-Pad, Volumes, and Channel buttons, the BT-400 is a perfect choice. This remote is designed in Korea and has advanced Smart Set technology that auto-detects the 10 most popular TV brands for Source Pairing (Power, Volume, and Source buttons). Other notable features are OTA updates and bright backlights. Different styles, different sizes, and various amounts of buttons. Take your pick!
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  2. https://buzztvglobal.com/collections/remotes-keyboards/products/buzztv-essential-arq-250-rgb-air-mouse-remote-control-mic c/p Introducing The All New BuzzTV Essential ARQ-250 Wireless Air Mouse With RGB With Mic + Full QWERTY Keyboard Remote for Buzz TV Set top Box Upgrade your Existing BuzzTV IR Remote to BuzzTV Essential ARQ-220 Air Mouse Keyboard Remote Control This Remote Control Is Compatible with ALL BuzzTV Boxes and Other Android Devices (Not all buttons will work with other Android boxes) BuzzTV XR 4000 Set Top Box BuzzTV XRS 4000 Set Top Box BuzzTV XR 4500 Set Top Box BuzzTV XRS 4500 Set Top Box BuzzTV XRS 4900 Set Top Box BuzzTV Essential E1 Set Top Box BuzzTV Essential E2 Set Top Box BuzzTV Essential E2 SE Set Top Box *** Batteries NOT included. Requires 2x AAA batteries.
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