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  2. it depends on what you plan on using boxes for you can see the lineup here https://buzztvglobal.com/ for iptv you need unlimited bandwidth and a speed of around 10 mb/s
  3. I need help with cutting my cable and Wifi , also do I need a advice which of your TV Boxes should I get, how much Mgb should I require to run my boxes ,do I install 2 IPTV FOR MY 2tv or because thy are having a cable splitter would 1IPTV be enough!! would help also be available for any connection help?????????? Love to hear from you ! Best way will be by phone if possible, I’m to old for this typing Sincerely M.H.
  4. I would love to cut the cable TV, Now I need some advice of what I should get , WIFI-Internet , how strong or Mgb do I need , Do I need to get twice IPTV FOR 2 buzz tv boxes, And is there any help Available if I have problems with connecting the TV Boxes, I would appreciate a little note from you, to led me know , which boxes are the right ones , and so on, and so on !!
  5. You'll have to wait for the update
  6. How to change weather location on home screen ??...i did fix my location in settings..but still shows wrong location on weather in home screen
  7. Hi everyone, any idea of price for the X5, in Canadian dollars? Thanks, Mark7
  8. Hi I updated to buzz5 but my version is : V20220105, instead of V20211111. Is this correct. Boey
  9. it's only available on home page
  10. I would like to know how to use picture in picture in my xrs 4900 Thanks
  11. Countdown is now 4 days Thanks to the team Buzz
  12. allinghj

    ARQ 250

    It does BuzzTV Essential ARQ-250 RGB Air Mouse Remote Control + MIC
  13. I finally figured it out...the xrs4500 does not work well will the lastest plex app..had to go back in a march app of plex to install...now it it working smooth..also it lets you use the tv layout not the mobile layout in the march version..the new plex update wont let you go into the tv layout..by the way im using the march 8th version of plex
  14. i would say it wasnt a plex problem because it only happens on the xrs4500 box & not on other devices..... it wasnt doing this before the plex update .. please help..love the xrs4500 but this hurts the use !!
  15. recently they updated the plex app new version..but is causing problems..when trying to play any media from library ..plex shuts down..is only doing it on xrs4500..i have a shield has no problem..also on plex tv app no problems...did a fresh uninstall on plex & tried older versions of plex but has horrible mobile display not functional with buzz box..try to use tv display on plex but doesnt work
  16. yeah...i just got tired of it freezing up and decided to stick with the Buzztv IPTV player..it does the job for me and has ZERO issues playing BOTH my services for FREE.
  17. Hit menu button on remote while tv is full screen Version # is at bottom
  18. i downloaded off of the APKPure site using the downloader app.
  19. Earlier
  20. nbs.

    VPN Buffering

    Buzz adds the mac to the update server and sends it out manually
  21. Diez

    VPN Buffering

    Thanks for the help on the update. Dumb question but why would the system update feature not accomplish the update? Haven't done an in depth test but at first glance it seems to be helping on the excessive buffering. Tivimate is hardly getting any. Which leads to a future feature question. Any chance of a channel edit feature like tivimate has where you can select prefixes and suffixes to eliminate from channel listings/descriptions?
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