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  2. You would have to ask your service that question. There is no discussion of services here.
  3. Can i watch pay per view events on the xr4000 and so yes, on which channel?
  4. Yesterday
  5. at least this time they waited more than 3 days to ask again...lol
  6. Why are you hijacking this thread? If you read the answers to the previous times you have asked in the last couple of weeks you would have your answer
  7. and when will be that next update? its been months now since the last update.
  8. Insert a USB stick Format stick with buzz then go to pvr settings and change storage location to your USB See if it will record. Would you also post what version of buzz 5 located at bottom of screen when you press menu
  9. Yes, I thought I would try it since the BT-100's work so well on the 4500 series. I am going to try to pair a BT-100 with the E2 and see what happens I guess. Just to see if it is the E2 or the BT-200. Thanks.
  10. Nothing to worry about. It's left over code from beta file It'll be gone in next update
  11. Why is it that every time I power on my XRS 4900, a message saying "Device health services keep stopping" pops up?
  12. Did you format drive with the buzz?
  13. Yes they will know you are using VPN. Could someone move this to the correct section please.
  14. the E2 comes with an IR-100 remote did you buy the bt-200 separately?
  15. Last week
  16. Did the one button record option. Made no difference Version 20210422
  17. When. watching a movie on a ISP is that. considered does ISP know it if VPN is on, and is it different from downloading a bit torrent ?
  18. Can someone please help. I have tried about 10 times to pair my BT-200 remote with my E2 box. I have followed all the steps on the YouTube video. I am beginning to wonder if the remote is broken. If I just use it in IR mode, it doesn't seem to want to move on the screen most times either. I have taken the batteries out. I have re-booted the box. Is there anything I can try or should I just bring it back to Buzz? Thank you.
  19. I think you'll have to wait for the dev to help Best to pm allaboutbuzz
  20. Any app that plays DLNA content does this after locking up 3-5 mins.
  21. I just tried vlc, same thing. Every file shows up but nothing will play.
  22. Movian 5.0.546 Vimu 8.95 I have never liked vlc, I hate the layout and so cumbersome to use
  23. I dont know much about it but there different version of vimu for firestick and android You using the correct one?
  24. Anybody have any issues trying to access DLNA home servers? I'm trying to use the apps movian and vimu and neither will play anything, the files show up but when I click on music or video files it just locks up the app I'm on. My old firestick has no issues playing files neither does my pc, ps3,ps4. Any ideas?
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