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  2. I have no issue with 3 different services
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  4. Bt100 remote having issues with pairing and after the box is turned off using the remote Im not able to turn it on using remote and have to manually remove the wire to turn on box and then use my bluetooth. Dongle mouse to navigate through the screen.
  5. Hello all! Is anyone experiencing buffering with the Streaming Line setup? I get constant buffering using it, but I get no buffering using the IPTV app that comes with my IPTV service.
  6. I think you mean software
  7. Last week
  8. You must be right. Not a problem today. Seems obvious that it can't be hardware.
  9. remember that processing this will wipe and delete all your data from the device.
  10. Do you get an error message when this happens? Can you use the remote at all? Like get back to the Home Screen?
  11. Should be fixed this month. Its an odd issue that needs time to address I'll update here once I know more
  12. allaboutbuzz has not posted anything I am sure its being worked on
  13. Any word on the shutdown issue? getting a fix for it?
  14. AArghh. Other than my VOD problem it's been running like a champ.
  15. its your service there are all kinds of post complaining about it at their sites
  16. Does anyone else see this happening? Every 4 - 5 minutes the video will freeze on my XRS 4000. The audio keeps on going but the video freezes until either the up or down channel is pushed. Then it will carry on normally for another few minutes, then it will repeat. This is happening on most channels. Every once in a while both audio and video will freeze at the same time , and and the channel up/down will correct it again. This condition seems to come in spits and spurts. It will run for 1/2 an hour or so, and then it will start acting up all over again. Needless to say - it makes watching anything pretty tough. Oh yeah, I should mention that when either condition happens you can't wait it out. It will stay frozen until the channel up or down is pushed. I hate to say that this just started happening after the new version of firmware was released.
  17. It's funny that it stayed off all night and then I posted that. Two hours after I posted that it stayed off, it started back up on it's own. Guess I got too excited .... ha!
  18. Yes I have, the soundbar can connect by bluetooth but still won't go past a certain volume and screen slider still shows. I think that it just happens that the other 2 devices remotes connect to the soundbar directly and that is why they worked.
  19. I was using Kodi 18.6 along with a usb hard drive and updated it to Kodi 18.7. After the Kodi update, the box now shuts off and stays off. Just fyi.
  20. dishuser


    and google says.....worldwidesatellites
  21. I know what you use and it's crap compared to 90% out there and mostly your problems are you're a b00b...lol
  22. if after a scan it still shows the same then that's what your modem is broadcasting fix on that end
  23. Mine is only showing 2GHz network.
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