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  2. Sounds like you're using a Username/Password account under streaming line Channel List EPG only loads if it has been loaded from the Grid EPG This is how those servers work MAC accounts don't have this issue.
  3. If you're referring to Multi Screen on XC/Streaming Line Accounts Right now no, but this feature is apart of our Road Map.
  4. When ever I try to pair a bluetooth device like headphones to my xr4500 ...the box shuts down ...Only bluetooth device already paired is the remote that came with the box and that works fine... Any ideas as to why ??
  5. it does mate under uk entertainment it is there but go down to uksports its not there but click on it to go into channel it shows up on the bottom of the blue panel then click back button it shows up and it is the same for all cattogries
  6. The epg has to be loaded first
  7. hi wonder if anybody can help when i go into buzztv 4 app you got the cattagories so if i go on uk films under each channel it used to have what is on that channel but its not there but if i carry on to the channel the epg is there then when i press back button it shows up under the channel anybody got any ideas why this is happening ?thanks
  8. Last week
  9. nbs.

    Buzz XRS 4900

    i have heard not till next spring Allaboutbuzz can confirm
  10. mr man

    Buzz XRS 4900

    When will this box be available?
  11. Hi, i haven't tried to vpn method, the server and internet seem to be running.
  12. 1. Have you tried connecting to it with a VPN or have you tried typing in the same server url onto a web browser on your phone or PC connected to the same Wifi to see if it works there? 2. Are there any error messages they get?
  13. This How to Video will explain it
  14. I'll try, thanks for the tip.
  15. Hi some of my friends have been experiencing some issues with there XR4500. Both are separate issues. Issue 1. Wont load portal and get stuck at loading. i have reset the server on my end, ask them to reset their modem but still says loading. 2. When connecting to Wifi, 2 of my friends were unable to connect. the done option was no popping up. This only seem to happen when switching to a new wifi connection
  16. Ok thank you, is at the back of the box?
  17. How much memory is available?Clear cache? Clear data?(you have to reinput server info)
  18. Lately “Buzz tv 4 not responding” warning coming up frequently. Anyone having the same problem? Need to find a way to fix this problem. Buzz XR 4000 (Six months old box) Ethernet connection ( Download 25M)
  19. hi me again does the st4000 have pip ? if so how do i get to it?
  20. hi mate sorry could you resend the email via here ? please
  21. Earlier
  22. No this feature will not be available on the E1
  23. I think I was the one that was emailing you on your Ticket about this I explained this all in email.
  24. Hello, can I change mac accounts on this E1 android box? thanks
  25. hi mate yes my version is running 4.0.495 which just updated itself up till yesterday i still had the old update which they sent a new update cos i was having problems what i wanted to know is i had the black background now its blue is there a way to revert back to a black background ? also is there anywhere to find out what the latest updates are?many thanks
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