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  2. they dont have the licenses and have never said its supported so I dont know what you are reporting??
  3. there is a problem, no DTS hd , no atmos , no true hd .I have already reported the problem.there box is in passthrough
  4. Yesterday
  5. Plus it won't be exclusive to the 4900 too
  6. my view is this will just get buried instead of being in it's own section
  7. it really depends on angle you are viewing.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERcmuCZuvsU
  9. Vod on default my fine no shutter Try switching HDMI cables ?!?
  10. even if a movie u downloaded has it , it won't playback through the box and amp in atmos or dts hd?
  11. In our office we have tried this on an LG sound bar and it worked via Optical/Spdif and HDMI I cannot guarantee this though, as everybody's setup is different. Our boxes are not licensed for Atmos or DTS HD.
  12. Ryu

    4K vod stuttering

    @nbs. @Maestro701 Thanks
  13. Last week
  14. Maestro701


    I think mine is off by default but I will give it a try when I get and report back. Thanks for letting us know.
  15. Does it buffer on a few channels or just one in particular that you like?
  16. Not going to pay 170 to try thought someone would have tried it
  17. I don't know but give it a try....... Experimenting is fun and you have a great unit.
  18. Look at your remote through your phone camera Do the ir lights work?
  19. disconnect power supply for 30 second and remove batteries from your remote control and wait at least 1 minute. now insert batteries again and turn on your box and see if that works.
  20. Hi, currently using a buzztv 4000, my remote not working all buttons lights working but no connection with box, any idea. Currently using one of my old Buzz 300 remote. Thanks, FP
  21. some sellers do accept free returns so buy and test and it if does not work then return it.
  22. what advice? have you tried other player?
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