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  3. ok thank you I just wanted to be sure before I bought it that I did not have to use a MAC address because I use my service on multiple devices
  4. dishuser

    Buzz XRS 4900

    you can use username/password on all buzz models
  5. I'm looking for a new android box and I've never used a buzz tv box before so I'm just wondering can I use the buzz IPTV player without giving a MAC address to my IPTV provider I don't want my service to be locked to just one device
  6. Last week
  7. I’ve also noticed that when I remove the Mac server entry; the confirmation prompt says am I sure I want to delete and XC Api login. Not the MAC server login. I assume that’s just a UI error
  8. I’ve grabbed my old box and changed the MAC address to be lower case letters and I can connect to the server. If I change the MAC alpha characters to uppercase letters, I got the same error ‘cannot load portal’. Again with the new xr4000 you can’t modify the MAC address so my assumption is the server has my info loaded as lower case which is why it won’t connect?
  9. you mean you entered url and not mac addy check your input
  10. I am having similar issue. I posted new message. Please help.
  11. Hi, I was using this box fine for last 6 months but i had a sound issue with some channels. I reset the device through buzz settings and once reset was done, i entered same mac address from the ISP but it is not working any more. It is giving a message that cannot load the portal. Please contact your provider to register this device. I contacted and they checked they have this address already. i don't know how to fix this.
  12. 1. How are you recording it Scheduled through the EPG Manual Recording? 2. Are you recording to External USB or SD Card Or to Internal Memory? 3. The recording could be stopped early due to buffering for longer then 30-60 seconds or loss of internet connection or a network issue. Some servers also stop Live TV Playback if it is left on a TV Channel for longer then 2-3 hours, without any activity They do this in order to save bandwidth.
  13. Stick Firmware Updates + E1 Update were working on building this week With plans to hopefully release next week.
  14. That's fantastic, great news. Hopefully its not to much of a wait, at least the 3000 keeps me going for the time being. Cheers Shark1959
  15. It should address the issue
  16. Hello nbs: Any idea if this is going to address the issue a lot of people are having with the BT remote not responding well? I reached out to Buzz at cs@buzztv.com some time ago and was told they were aware of the problem. If I remember correctly it had something to do with interference with the BT signal and to use the IR option. Unfortunately for me I didn't have much luck with this solution either. I see they now have the Vidstick + and there also looks to be a "Max" version coming soon. Hoping they don't give up on the original version. I was getting so frustrated with it, I to
  17. I think I figured it out. The seller entered my MAC address with lower case on their server. I tested my other two boxes with lower case letters and they both work fine. The new one doesn’t let me change to lower case so it doesn’t work. now will they make the changes?
  18. ask the seller if they have more than one url all my boxes can connect except the 3900 until I used alternate url
  19. Folks. Thanks for the responses. I can assure you I know how to enter the server info and save it. I’ve got 3 boxes in the house. I’ve been running two off the same MAC address for years. This new one seems to be the only problematic one. The other two boxes with their capability to change their MAC address to this one have successfully logged into my server. The other two have been turned off and this third won’t connect at all. It’s almost like the MAC address in the interface is incorrect because I’ve done everything and it won’t connect
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