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  2. Since the beginning of the purchase of xr4000, i got a lot of problem with vod, showing 0 of 0 after a while, what i found for a work around, i go to server settings, (server line), hit my server and do the green button to reconnect and my vod working, but now another problem occurs, the playback is not working, or the epg show no information, for some testing i install stbemu free and the guide was working flawless, all channel got information and the playback was working. Just to complicate the situation, i own a panel to subscribe some customer and the problematic unit show the wrong ip, util i do the trick with the vod (reconnect the server), so i not so sure about the fact that the server id are unique. The tech of the service told me it could be a duplicate mac, but nothing else to correct the problem, like do it yourself(and i'm polite here) Another quick fix for the guide that could be fix very easily, when i'am watching for example the french channel 485 and i enter the favorite and it the same channel, it never enter the favorite, it stay on the french section, or vice versa My version of buzz 4.0 409 Hope my info will help find a solution
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  6. why are you not asking in the beta forum? The whole point of having a room is to keep issues private until file is released
  7. When will be released for the beta testers?I'm on the beta but no updates for me from 4.0.404??
  8. Were up to Version 4.0.424 now on internal betas. We updated the Player Versions plus increased the cache buffer on the Default player in Version 4.0.421 When you say freezing though, you mean the channels are freezing with the loading circle? We haven't heard this from feedback recently PM me though, we can discuss it further there.
  9. I have no issues on mine Can you pm me the server you are using?
  10. I added as Favorite and on Favourite there's list of Episode , but it's only play whatever episode you select, once that episode end, it come back to those episode list with last episode selected. I have XPL3900 also and it does play next episode auto.
  11. 4.0.417. Also, I uninstalled It but could not see any difference.
  12. Which version of Beta are you running?
  13. If your experiencing problems with beta firmware please post in the beta section https://stbtalk.com/index.php?/forum/44-beta-testers/
  14. XPL 3000 + XPL3100 + XPL3900 + XPL3000 Basic New Update: Feb 20th, 2020 Version 2.0 (347) Changes: - Fixed some memory bug issues - Fixed an issue with TV Series on Streaming Lines - Fixed some Xtream Editor M3U Bugs - Added M3U EPG Support
  15. Try repairing the remote Instructions can be found here
  16. You should always start a new thread Leslie and not post in someone else's Hit the home button on remote
  17. Hi guys just purchased xrs4000 went to set it up and ended up on google screen. How do I get out of it ?
  18. I have 4 different servers and i have no issues with any of them from the buzz player It might just need some coding tweaks \hitting home does not clear cache ,it clears memory
  19. are you searching for a show? then it wont continue to next episode I have mentioned it in another beta room Add your show to favourites and i dont think you will have an issue
  20. I believe new boxes are getting that update,not a big deal
  21. I have xrs4000 with the latest beta and I do see freezing when using buzz players. If I use tivi mate, no freezing. Since I used the same provider/channels, it does seem like a problem with the Buzz players.
  22. and what if the same service is run on the xr and then on a different box and the xr keeps freeing? I thought they added a 3rd player long time ago to the 3000. I know my other box seams to have a better player and I never get the freezing. today I just had to clear the cache on my box hitting home 3 times. never have to on the other branded box. wish they could add more cache memory to the buzz app.
  23. I don't have that update ?wow I'm on the beta testing and I didn't get that update
  24. Version 4.0.412, updated: 01/31/2020
  25. Sis koi le code pour Samsung tv pour programmer
  26. hit the menu button and post version info at bottom
  27. A lot of times this is caused because your box no longer has enough internal memory. While in Live TV, we suggest you press the menu button Then go to PVR and make sure you have no recordings taking up internal storage space. Recordings can take up 1GB per hour of recording, and the boxes internal memory is less then 5GB after apps + Android OS. If the box has no internal memory left, then it cannot take updates.
  28. The update server was offline for a few hours on Thursday So this is probably why you had these issues It's been back online since Thursday afternoon (Eastern Time) without any issues since then.
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