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  1. to fix this problem requires a firmware update. were expecting to send a firmware update next week
  2. we have this feature already. while in live tv, press the menu button on your remote control. go to configuration. this is where you see this option
  3. if you want to use the beta pm with your serial number. this feature is added on the beta
  4. the next update will fix LAN port issue with VPN . if you want to try the beta sent me a PM with your serial number thanks
  5. good suggestion. thanks
  6. this is an old post from October thats why the topic is referring to 2.0 (317)
  7. were you able to take the update? when you manually check for update dont press any other buttons on your remote and let it do its updating.
  8. Stugots

    No EPG

    M3U epg was never implemented therefor wasn't supported. We had no requests for this until recently. If your using Streaming Lines or Portal EPG works with no issues. We sent beta testers an update yesterday which support EPG for M3U which means any day were sending a public update for this.
  9. if you want to join the beta group PM your serial number. public update going out early next week.
  10. are you using portal (mac address) or streaming lines?
  11. xpl3000 had issues when it first came out but within a few months after launch most bugs are ironed out. xpl3000 is android 7 which we mastered years ago and xr4000 is android 9. The dev team is doing its best to keep up with bug fixes and customers requests.
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