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Having to disconnect/reconnect and freezing


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I'm having a few issues with my buzz tv box and hoping someone may have some answers. Please beware I am a rookie with this stuff!  lol

XRS4000, wired,  my ISP package is 50mb.    Some of my issues are recent and some have been around since new.

Recently we now have to disconnect and reconnect when ever we leave live tv and start it back up  again. provider says it is not on his end.

The freezing issue has been a on going issue that drives me crazy!  It only happens when using live tv, and  very often.  

 Is there a difference when it freezes, between the circle turning and the picture freezing without the circle?

I have done the usual, resets, cleared caches, reset modem.  Next step I purchased a new box, router/modem and increased our package speed. I am about to try a different sub to see if it makes a difference but none of the other customers seem to be having issues with this sub. 

Thank you!

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