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Power up the VidStick thru USB

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I f you are the kind of person that likes things neat and tidy or perhaps you have pets in the house or even young children  that may be reaching your devices and messing things up, then this Stick may be for you 🙂

Plug the Stick directly into your HDMI connection at back of TV and then use the USB power cable (but do not use the Power adapter). Instead plug that USB cable into the TVs USB port.

That will power up your ST4000 and then no need to have a cable running from back of TV to a plug on the wall somewhere. 

There is a power indicator light seen on the flat side of the Stick.

And If your remote will not work,  you can use the Remote Extender that came with the ST4000 and that solves that problem and everything is neat and tidy and out of the way and out of harm's reach.


I luv this.

And I only thought of it after looking at Stugots' thread , there is a picture of this setup in that post.

thnx Stugots

Neat and Tidy 🙂


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