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Buzz 4 App Version Update to 4.0.404


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To access this update, please do to following
From the Home Screen, go to Update.
Check for update
You will see the update available
Install it and it will start to download + install + reboot.

Buzz FW Version Update to V20191210

FW changes:

- Fixed issue with VPN not working when using Ethernet
- Fixed issue with not being able to navigate to top menu bar on some apps with the IR remote
- Performance Improvements
- Updated to Nov 2019 Android Security Patch
- Fixed some Video Playback Issues.

Buzz 4 App Version Update to 4.0.404


- Fixed some reported bugs.
- Fixed issue with some VOD not playing.
- Fixed Resume Feature on VOD + TV Series.
- Fixed Adult channels, they will no longer appear in All category, so hiding Adult category now fixed.
- Fixed Catch-up + PVR Playback issues.
- Fixed an issue when box wakes up from sleep mode and last channel played in Live TV would not restart properly
- Fixed PVR scheduling from EPG grid
- Fixed VOD playback issue when movie info stays on screen after you started a movie or tv episode
- Fixed "Exit" feature. Now it should correctly close all app menus. However, it'll take a few seconds to open launcher after you exit from the app
- Fixed an issue where VOD/TV Series category would not be highlighted when you open the category list.
- Fixed an issue with certain Catch-Up not playing when using Streaming Line
- Fixed an issue with server disconnecting when using Streaming Line by reducing the # of calls to server for EPG Data
- Fixed an issue with CC being auto enabled on VOD/TV Series
- Fixed an issue when using Search on VOD/TV Series and it taking you back to VOD Home instead of Search after you opened a TV Series/Season or Movie from Search and after you finished playing it.
It will now take you back to Search.
- Fixed an issue with EPG being stuck on Loading when the server you're using doesn't have any EPG data.
- Fixed a no sound issue with AC3 + EAC3 + True HD Audio when using Secondary Player
- Fixed an issue with no volume control when using AC3 + EAC3 + True HD Audio on Secondary Player
- Fixed an issue where when screen size/aspect ratio was changed in options on Live TV and wouldn't save.
Now it saves per channel
- Fixed some reported Bugs.
- Fixed an issue where sound wouldn't work in some cases on VOD/TV Series when using Resume Feature and the audio was AC3 or EAC3 or True HD
- Fixed an issue with Search on VOD/TV Series where TV Episodes would not play if accessed through Search
- Fixed an issue with VOD Favs disappearing after being added as a Favorite on MAC based servers.
- Fixed an issue with Streaming Line where you would be logged out while using EPG

- VOD & TV Series lists should load faster now.
- Added white outline to highlighted app icon on Home Screen + Apps Folder
- Sort option for Seasons and episodes lists now saves preferred setting on VOD + TV Series
- Added Reconnect and Disconnect menu options (green and yellow keys) to server settings for the server you’re currently connected to.
- Improved overall performance when using app
- Secondary Player now uses FFMPEG Audio by Default

New Features:

- Added new Sort Feature to individual Live TV categories, to sort by Favs.
So, all your Live TV Favorites for that category will appear at the top of each category.
- Added M3U XML EPG Support

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