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No Beta Update Available (( ERROR ))


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There are few reasons that you may see this (( No Beta Update Available ))


1. You recently purchased your box or just activated it.

2. You do not have the Nov 08 update or newer.

if you have entered the code(( 2015 ) it will place the device in a Que to update to Buzztv 5 beta. Please allow up to 7 days.

Note: if your box is Nov 8 or newer and you have entered the code ((2015)) and you have not been able to get the update, please create a ticket by visiting buzztv.com and there is a little " ? " (Question mark) at the bottom right hand side. Click on it and provide your info including the  box serial number and MAC address and request to be entered in buzztv 5 Beta Que. You will receive an email back accordingly for any additional steps or clarifications.

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