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cant move apps on home screen


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im running buzztv 5 on a buzzstick and when i move the apps on the bottom row of icons on the home screen to the positions i want them in, they wont save.

is there anyway to turn those apps off from showing up at all down there?

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  • jeepersmr changed the title to cant move apps on home screen

long press on the thumbnail pressing ok button

once you move it press ok button

I know using modern home screen you can't remove anything from bottom row since they are the apps that are installed

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1 hour ago, jeepersmr said:

im sorry...they do move, they just wont save. once i open any other screen then back to the home screen, their back to their original positions...i am using buzztv modern.

I get the same

try a different home screen

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5 hours ago, rakmount said:

Running BuzzTV 5 on X5 and am now experiencing the same thing.

It did work a few times several weeks ago, but now it will let you move apps but they will not stay anymore.

Also using "modern"

you can move apps in 3rd row but not last row

and if it worked several weeks ago it would still work as there has been no update

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