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Modern Home Screen - favorites


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This outline was created while using the 'Modern Home Screen' on your BuzzTV device.

Before we can add Favorites to the Home screen, we first need to have some Favorites.
But before we start up LiveTV to get them favorites, first let's first turn on this Home screen function.

Home>BuzzTV Utilities>Home Screen Rows

Turn all 3 Rows on for now and we can turn off one or all three anytime later.

1. Channel Favorites (LiveTV channels)
2. VOD
3. TV Series

Next is to exit and then scroll up to LiveTV shortcut and open LiveTV
As you are scrolling up you may have noticed these new Rows.

Next thing, with channels open, add some favorites. I think it is the yellow button to add to favorites, but check the color legends shown at bottom of the different screens.
Another thing too that was discussed in another thread, while viewing a LiveTV channel, you can press the Home button on the RCU and Home screen will appear and also a small video/picture window of the current channel playing will show.
If you do this, then you can see your progress on Home screen while not exiting or loosing your LiveTV channel.
While the LiveTV shortcut is highlighted, press OK button to go directly back to full screen OR press the 'stop play' button, which removes that small window and also exits LiveTV, while still showing the Home Screen.

Highlight any Favorite seen on Home screen, and press and hold (long press) the OK button on the RCU and two options will appear.
2.Remove from Favorites

To remove one or all 3 of these rows from Home screen , enter Utilities menu again to access the function.
I believe by highlighting and long pressing on the 'Top10 Channel Favorites' Row, there is was a pop up screen that appeared with the 3 Rows On/Off functions shown there, but seems I can not access that at this time.

Next time you turn on your BuzzTV you will be greeted with your Modern Home screen and your favorite channels seen there as shortcuts .
So just click on a channel and boom !!
You are in !

Another great reason to put this function into play is that at any time while viewing LiveTV, you can hit that big blue Home button on your RCU and immediately be taken to Home screen, where if you have added lots of shortcuts to Favorite channels, you can now open one of them , and all this time still be viewing original channel in small view.. it would then work like a favorites button with rather fast results,... and boom !!!

Yup, there's that boom again.

It can work like that ... easy peasy 🙂


 c/p from this other guy 🙂


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