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Logo and green screen before looping back


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Bought it brand new. Plugged it in.  It went through its wizard of updates and everything seems perfect.  Got into the menu and was prepared to set it up.  I once again checked for an update and there wasn't one as i had just did it when i launched it for the first time.  I placed a USB into the USB 2.0 port and proceeded with doing a backup from BuzzTV Utilities menu.  Either with or without the USB stick plugged in, I get the same BuzzTv logo followed with a green screen.  Now it just loops.  I  unplugged it all and waited a full minute (just to be certain) and plugged in all together but the result was the same with a BuzzTV logo and a green screen that just loops repeatedly.

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please process this steps to fix, 

1. Hookup the HDMI, and take the power cored out of the box. 
2. Using a toothpick place it inside of AV connection and if you push in you will feel a little click,
3. Once you feel that click hold it and hookup the power.
4. Hold the AV port with toothpick for 15 seconds, 
5. You should see the recovery Screen on TV.
6. Using the buzztv remote Select factory reset. it will factory reset and comes back to recovery screen.
7. Select Reboot.

let it do its thing and it will load back to welcome screen.

please update us here the results.

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