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PVR cant fast forward XRS4500

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On 4/24/2021 at 7:36 AM, macca40 said:

Hi all

Having problems when trying to fast forward  slider moves forwards but soon as I let go of the button it goes back to the beginng of the recording.

Any help would be great.



I have had  this as well. So a few questions to consider:

1) how much of the show actually recorded?   -> check file size

1b) if the size looks like it was 400MB or more but you still cant see what you expect to see, consider opening the file with VLC

2) sometimes I see a 30minute recording and it looks like it did record but when I go to play I get a second and no more that tells me that the only thing that was 'recorded' was the program info and not the actual show. I dont know how BuzzTV PVR works so its hard to determine the cause. Is it because the stream was interrupted? do you have enough connections? Is there possibly a permissions issue with the file system (this is unlikely if there is a recording entry in the recordings list, but i dont know if the meta data on the recording is stored in the same folder as the recording itself or as part of the header block in the recording)

...answers to these things would really interest me, but as it stands I cant rely on the Buzz PVR in the current Buzz4 release so I have installed TiviMate 3.6 and that generally works. It records almost everything I schedule, BUT not always successfully (ie: the full length of a show , as such I accept that as the reality of IPTV namely you get what you pay for. if you want guaranteed recording then get a satellite/cableTV service) .

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