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Can't find m3u portal on 4900

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Just  set  up  my new 4900  but can't  connect  to m3u portal. It fails  everytime.

The same url line  works  because  I use it with tivimate on different,  non buzz box.

deleted the  line  and  tried again, each time  by  input, not copy and  paste.

Hard wire  connection is fine,  program app opens and  works, just can't  get  it to  work  from within the buzz box....what am I missing?

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I use at least 3 different M3U lists on my 4900 (with both the latest public release on one of my 4900 and with the latest beta on my other 4900) and have no issues with any of them.    Is it possible your provider locks to some metadata, like user agent, etc.. and may not like this "new unknown" one ?

Did you try setting it up as an XC portal ?  Use the base URL as the portal, then enter your username/password.

From Live TV, if you hit "menu", what is the version number you are using (on the bottom of the menu).


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Good  first  point, kinda  weird  to  do  so, but I  will ask

Never  tried  xc, but  will give it a  try.  How  much of the base url, do I need? So like,   http://some name here.icu:8080/   OR  is  it  from  the  app  provder itself,   https:// something.net

name and  pass I  have

Will look version when I get home  tonight, but  think its  updated.

Thanks for your  help

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Try both http://some name here.icu:8080/ and if that fails try http://some name here.icu  It can vary from provider to provider.  Often you need the port (if provider uses one), but takes a few seconds to try both if one doesn't work, so why not.

For the versions, reason I ask, is because latest public release is 4.0.549, but latest beta is 5.0.756 so just want to make sure we know what we are dealing with here.

Keep us posted.

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