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**NEW** Official HD5 Firmware Update - June 29th, 2022

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working fine, thnx 

I had posted on other update thread earlier. 

I did not see this thread at the time. Sorry about that guys 🙂


But yea, the volume thing is working  fine now with this new update 🙂

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Posted (edited)

well maybe not.

Seems I have no control with the RCU

After the update , the TV returned to a LiveTV channel I had on before the update and reboot. But I can not change channel or operate any RCU function now after the update.

So I rebooted again  and now am back on the Home screen but still no RCU function/control.

I can not exit Home screen of do anything at all with the RCU

Have tried other RCUs and same results.

Batteries have been changed. RCU tested on other Buzz device and is working on there



ooops... this post was suppose to be posted in the xrs4900 July 6th update thread :eek:

If it could be moved there that would be coll.

Sorry guys :eek:

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