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**NEW** OFFICIAL UPDATE E2/E2 PLUS/E2SE/E2 MAX - Nov 17th - 2021**

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**NEW**E2/E2 PLUS/E2SE/E2 MAX Update - Nov 17th - 2021**

Version: V2021108


Updates will be going out to all boxes in stages, so please be patient.


Firmware Changes:

- Update BuzzTV 4 App to Version 4.0.520
- Updated All Google Apps
- Fixed WV1 playback (Fixes HD playback in apps such as Disney+, DAZN, HBO+, etc...)
- Properly report AC3 capabilities (Fixes playback of AC3 audio)
- Updated WiFi/BT drivers
- Add Auto Frame Rate Support. Works on all apps. (Can be found in Buzz Utilities)
- Updated bootloaders
- Added feature to change background image on Home Screens. 
- General bug fixes
- Updated OTA UI + App to New Version. Will be next step to getting Buzz 5
- Improved Performance.
- Fixed a bug with boxes rebooting randomly.

Buzz 4 App Update
4.0.520 Changes: 

- Update Secondary Player to Newer Version
- Fixed bug with Closed Captioning on Secondary Player
- Fixed XUI Server Related Bugs
- Fixed HTTPS streams bug on XC Login
- Start on boot feature in configuration menu will now connect once internet is connected.
- Fixed 404 Error bug when connecting to some servers
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed bugs with some forwarding urls
- Fixed bugs on Live TV + VOD + Server + TV Series Menus.
- Fixed some recording bugs.
- Improved + optimized performance
- Fixed a bug with some channels getting no audio
- Fixed server bugs that were reported by users.

Please note, you will need to take this latest update in order to take the next upgrade to Buzz 5 which is currently available on the XRS 4900.  We will release this to all Buzz models on Android 9 in December.  An announcement will be made soon.

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