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  1. Chris1

    Amazing box

    I just got my X5 and i love the picture especially when streaming 4k on parmount+ and Disney plus great job buzztv you guys hit it out of the park with the X5
  2. What is supposed to do to the box
  3. But parmountplus and Disney does ?
  4. Does parmountplus and Disney and Netflix do 4k
  5. Chris1

    Disney plus 4k

    The screen shot is Disney plus
  6. Chris1

    Disney plus 4k

    dishuser can you get back to me if i have the right version to get 4k on Disney plus
  7. Chris1

    Disney plus 4k

    Do i have the right version
  8. Chris1

    Disney plus 4k

    Ok what about Disney
  9. Chris1

    Disney plus 4k

    Also is it probably to get parmount plus to do 4k
  10. Chris1

    Disney plus 4k

    How do you get Disney plus to do 4k i know at one point you could
  11. I was wondering if you get 4k on parmount plus because they say you get it on Android tv
  12. Chris1

    Update screen

    Still waiting on the update to
  13. Love the update I finally get all what I set to copy and just part of it you guys knocked it of the park thanks
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