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  1. My suggestion is to try another HDMI cable and see if that clears it up.
  2. Same with me on my box (4000xrs) but for some reason the box the customer had(4500) kept completely restarting at random times(I had it hooked up at my house for a day and never experienced it) ..I took it back from them did the hard reset and hoped for the best but the day they took it home it restarted again. The only other change I did after was turn off all notifications on all the apks installed and it has not restarted since.
  3. Cyberflix was one of them but I turned them all off in case .
  4. For the box I had with the restart issues it was discovered that there were conflicts with APKs installed and with the notifications with them. I turned off notifications on all the installed APKs and it seems to have fixed the issue.
  5. Yes, same power supply and HDMI from the box. My first thought was they used another power supply and messed up the box so I made sure they used the one supplied. I just sent in a support email with all the info from the box maybe there is a way to figure it out..if not ill do a hard reset bring it back to the client and physically go to set it up.
  6. I have the box with me and in the last 2 hours not one restart. I haven't done a hard reset but wonder what would be causing the issue at the clients house. The only difference is the physical outlet and the wifi connection/isp. Would there be something with the wifi that would cause the box to restart on its own? I have heard of older android phones having that happen.
  7. I spoke to the user today over the phone and had remote control over the box. The box does not kick them out to the home screen it actually completely restarts the entire box. This happened 3 times while I was on the phone and we turned off bluetooth incase there was some strange interference causing the box to restart. It then occured more frequently without bluetooth. I had the user switch it to a different television in the house and it happened again sometimes as a restart loop with it restarting a few times before actually getting to the buzz home screen. I am picking up
  8. Does not bother me much as I have a physical keyboard but wanted to point it out incase it was not already. I used the editor at the top of the msg to add the link..thought it would automatically wrap it guess it did not. Thanks
  9. XRS4000 with the most recent firmware. The ARQ100 remote I have looks like this: https://ibb.co/bXRMVhq
  10. Thanks for the suggestion...I did unplug but same results. Just to note that the keyboard on the physical remote works (backside of remote). Also, the LIVE TV and VOD buzztv search keyboard that pops up has no issues with registering the ok button. My issue is just with the android virtual onscreen keyboard..it does not register when I use the OK button a key. Instead it acts as Enter key to skip to the next line.
  11. Yeah, there were some other issues that changing the hdmi fixed but it still kicks her out ...when I say home screen I mean the buzz home screen. I havent had a chance to see if there are any other issues like a stop responding message or popup.
  12. The last firmware update seems to fix all the colored buttons but now when i get to the android keyboard to input text i can scroll around to the letters fine but my Ok button does not register. For example in Server settings to add a server: The keyboard will pop up like normal and pressing "ok" on a letter is actually like pressing enter to goto the next line. If i back out of the keyboard I cant get it to pop up again. The buzz keyboard searching VOD or live tv works fine. It is only with the android keyboard (server settings and apks)
  13. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and know why it would occur. I setup a XR4500 two days ago for a friend and it worked perfectly. I added live tv and played around for a few hours..I brought it to their house the next day and showed them how to use it (i was there 30 mins max) and there were no issues..I left and that same day she was constantly getting kicked out to the home screen after watching LiveTv. Is there a reason it would work for me at my house when I used it for the 3 hours I had it on watching the same server versus her house constantly kicking her out to the
  14. Do we have an idea when this firmware will be available? Coming up to 2 months mark and I havent seen anything.
  15. Paired it about 4 times now all same result non functioning buttons. Although now one of my colored buttons opens up VOD screen now. I think I'm going to return this..knew it wouldn't function 100% right but that's too many buttons messed up.
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