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  1. any other ideas mate? tried to hard reset it and it wont even do that
  2. its not my providers servers mate cos ive got 3 apps on the stick and there ok ive even put fire stick back in no problems?
  3. hi mate its me again do you know why when you go on the buzz 4 app it looks at the portal everry time and it takes so long to access a channel?
  4. well your there do you know how to deactivate the mouse?
  5. nice one mate thank you very much
  6. no nothings happening going have to do a reset can you tell me where the reset is?thanks
  7. can you go on the settings on the stick then advanced settings hdmi cec tell me how yours is set out please?
  8. yes all settings menu have you got a vidstick mate?
  9. hi can anybody help please i was messing with setting went on hdmi cec setting and its gone in to chinese how do i get it back to english? thanks
  10. might of been but now ok thanks for your help
  11. all back to normal now thanks for your response
  12. so why did it work before then and its ok on uk entertainment ill try and send a video if i can work out how to do it so you can see what i mean
  13. it does mate under uk entertainment it is there but go down to uksports its not there but click on it to go into channel it shows up on the bottom of the blue panel then click back button it shows up and it is the same for all cattogries
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