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  1. hi is there any updates for version 5.0.762 on st4000 stick?many thanks
  2. ok mate and what have you got your tv on?
  3. ok mate what have you got yours on?
  4. what picture mode does people use on vidstick st4000 ie sport/vivid/std?
  5. hi mate still says cant pair wondering if its something to do with the update it received cos before update it was fine?
  6. yes but if i pull the ir out the remote dont work?
  7. hi mate just rebooted stick tried it again and its saying it paired under remotes and accecessories ive now got bluetooth on add accessories and buzztv bt-100 it says connected then click on it and it says change name unpair and battery 77% does it need a name or not ?cos if i pull the ir out the remote dont work?
  8. ok done that its found the remote click on it and its saying pairing then says couldnt pair?
  9. ok ill try that now dont go away lol
  10. ive tried to pair via the screen with the remote on it if thats any help? thats the only way i know how to do it
  11. hi mate ive got it working with the ir connected but i want to have it working with out the ir connected ?
  12. hi i am after some help i had to reset my st4000 vidstick but when it rebooted it the remote wouldnt pair with the stick but i got it to work with the IR dont know how i did it lol but is there anyway i can get back to using it without the IR?many thanks
  13. hi has anybody tried to repair / solder the micro usb port and the hdmi connection on the st4000 stick ive tried soldering the parts back on but after a couple of days they work loose again any ideas how to keep them on the board ? cos to me these sticks arent well made the inside of them look very flimsey
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