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  1. hi mate tried that not very helpfull
  2. hi mate thanks for info but im in uk ive found it on the site i bought the stick from which is kull media but they are charging £5.50 for delivery which makes it £23 which i think is a rip off especially when i paid £5.50 del for the stick which i didnt mind paying for but to charge £5.50 for del on the adaptor i dont think thats right
  3. have you got a link to that one mate? thanks
  4. hi anybody know which ethernet adap works on the vidstick?many thanks
  5. yes i got << but cant work out how to implement it ?
  6. no mate i dont any idea how you use the catchup facility ?
  7. how everything works ie settings
  8. hi it would be helpfull if buzztv could do a walk throgh on there youtube channel
  9. sorted many thanks
  10. what should i be looking for in the modem ? many thanks
  11. hi new here how do you find out what your stick is using 2.4 or 5? many thanks
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