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  1. No the box actually doesn't detect the port has anything plugged in it. As is port is dead. Has ZERO to do with internet itself. Cable is fine was tested on another machine.
  2. Anyone having Ethernet not working after update? Most of my users updated and had the Buzz TV on boot screen and never gets to home screen. a few users now ( that didnt listen to me a week ago ) did the update today and now have no ethernet. Rebooted, shutdown and unplugged for 5 mins. Wifi works but not wire. I try to convince my users to use wifi on 4000 since 5Ghz is faster than 100MB lan but they wont listen. Anyone else?
  3. I don't help them in person. However, these users pay my bills. Gotta give the help and just hope they retain some of the basics for later
  4. Yes, I have not had time to play around with it yet as I have been busy hard resetting boxes for customers. Although its not BUZZ fault users are too lazy/dumb/ignorant whatever to follow a simple video. ROFLMAO
  5. Sorry I miss spoke, on boot up, it says buzz tv launcher stopped" I tried the XR4000 "fix" of app info, hit back 3 times etc. That did work. Home button doesn't do anything. If I hit live TV it opens server page but thats it. its the same issue I had with 100+ boxes on XR4000 and had to hard reset all of them. The XR4500 is doing same symptom for now 12 boxes reported to me.
  6. I do use secondary player since I find overall it works better. I find default works 75% but secondary works 98%.
  7. Doing a hard reset should NOT be a normal thing every update. Its only since these newer models XR/XRS there has been issues. I used 3000M/XPL3000 for YEARS with no major issues and never had to hard reset once. With these new ones more than 50% of my boxes need it every update. I'm not a newb to these boxes in general and not a novice with Buzz either. I sell these boxes cause price/quality is by FAR superior to anything else on the market. However, the last 2 updates for XR/XRS4000 and XRXRS4500 have been a nightmare for me. Also, so you are aware of whats loaded on my boxes. Stock
  8. Doing a reset doesn't redo the update. It fixes the broken link between the GUI and whatever is broken. It doesn't matter, this is an issue for the admins that can actually do something. Suggesting wiping a box is again not a solution. It's a BS fix. Like wiping a computer cause one program is broken.
  9. Well my 7 updated users now have this screen for subtitles Can't select anything. No options anymore.
  10. Point being is doing a hard reset causes people to ha e to fully redo their boxes. I'm a reseller if you had done 400 boxes for the xr4000 bad update and now possibly have to do the same for 350 boxes you'd be complaining too.
  11. The odds of that are pretty slim when it's affecting now 7 users just of my people. The odds of 7 different houses spanning Ottawa to Toronto all having corrupted download are super slim.
  12. Hard reset is not help. Hard reset is a last stitch effort. Help is fixing the updates or slowly rolling out to make sure HUGE issues don't happen.
  13. Posted at 12:58 pm yesterday. It's 10 PM that's not even 36 hours. Regardless. I have now 5 failed boxes with buzz crashing on reboot. Same as the xr4000. Please pause update and fix the bug.
  14. Starting to see failures now. Buzz tv stopped working stuff again. Same as with the 4000. We sellers have hundreds of these boxes and make very little mahin on them, when we have to spend 30 mins resetting and fixing boxes for 1/2 or more of our clients we lose all margins. Please pause update and fix the bugs.
  15. So far so good. Faves stayed, rebooted first shot and working good for me. ( lets see if my other 150 boxes have issues ) Thanks for all your work.
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