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  1. Benfica

    Buzz XRS 4900

    Every penny is worth ! Counting the days ....
  2. Benfica

    Buzz XRS 4900

    Whats the price range ? Anyone knows ?
  3. Are we still looking for December ? I feel like a kid .... r we there yet
  4. Dont know if was brought out before but lately i find so annoying a sound a box ( xrs4500) does, its almost like a notification ! Is there a way of turning that off ?
  5. Thank u !! It never crossed my mind to do that, thank u !!
  6. Wonder if its been posted, is there a way u can close apps u have open by double taping a buton and u can choose the app u wish to close ?
  7. Hopefully there will be updates with changes on mouse use on a few apps
  8. Guys...just got my Xrs4500 !! And wow, ive been a Mag user for many years , good box also but my Buzz is great, my reply to the topic is because i wont be in need of purchasing a remote ( for now ) because the one the box brought works real good ! May u all have a great weekend !!
  9. So u guys mean either one all the keys will work ? like if u hit LiveTv will take u to livetv or hit Vod will go to Vod ?
  10. Hello guys...i see these 2 remotes ( IR-100L - Luminous Remote & ARQ-100 ) work with buzztv xrs 4500, from them wich would u recomend and do all keys work with them ?
  11. Hello all and thanks for having me here...do u guys can head me in d right direction where to purchase this toy ? Im in Canada ... thank u !
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