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  1. Vod on default my fine no shutter Try switching HDMI cables ?!?
  2. Ok right on thanks
  3. Wondering on the new Buzz 5 progress
  4. Correct secondary player ok for sound but the pic will lock up on secondary am on default player it’s hit and Miss or really bad some days I know it’s the server end for glitches etc but the other brand no sound loss Thanks
  5. Running the xr 4900 same sound lost !! Go up a channel and back then ok for a bit. Some days no problems other days it’s bad. Running a different brand of box and it’s 7 years old no problems on sound loss it the player, a bug of some sort
  6. Mine doing the same again as well.. other boxes other then buzz fine.
  7. Just heard May just wondering it’s awesome on the 4900
  8. Anyone know about this update Time line ?! Thanks
  9. Rinny1


    The last update thinking allaboutbuzz sayin it’s fine last night I never changed anything but uploading the new update
  10. Rinny1


    Yes happy to report PVR working and Running!!!
  11. Rinny1


    Hmmmm I’ll look when home in the morning, I believe so
  12. Rinny1


    I set mine up the same when not home hit record on the show in the guide shut the tv off box still on..
  13. Rinny1


    Set recording on the guide left on that channel box left in tv off recording for 51 seconds that it tested 4 times now server related?! 4500 doing the same as well 4500 recorded 2 weeks no problem ill test now on this new update see if a difference
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