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  1. I loaded the newer beta file on the xrs 4900 it cleared up tons !!!! awesome work Buzz Team !!! Ppv running picture cleared up great work !!
  2. MX no go VLC worse!!! default player seems the best, server connection poor funny tho if the movie buffering bad , stop play again it’s fine !!
  3. What’s your best player to try ?
  4. Also default player only on my server for Vod it’s better but not fixed just saying the buffer settings to help
  5. I know the server connection bad started 3 days ago !! Yes server having problems
  6. Been problems with my server for live tv and Vod buffer at 10 does help !!!! Running secondary player FYI
  7. I did on this box it did not help !! factory reset fixed, but wondering what caused this
  8. (Google play services keeps stopping) and slowing the box down Causing live tv to buffer.. keeps popping up , Cache all cleared the only fix a factory reset anyone seen this before??? fee boxes this has happened now
  9. Press menu settings configuration theme style pick Dark Blue
  10. Rinny1

    audio problem

    Pm allaboutbuzz
  11. Rinny1

    audio problem

    Ok interesting be sure allaboutbuzz knows and your service was
  12. Rinny1

    audio problem

    Never really had a problem on FHD channels many problems server related
  13. Rinny1

    audio problem

    Yes I see that info FHD and HD bottom right on the info bar I’ll test out
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