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  1. Rinny1


    Ok just wondering I do know some apps are corrupted and have virus it’s all good !!! thanks eh
  2. Rinny1


    I had boxes where it hit 9g out of 9.8G and the box starts to lock up i tried uninstalling the apps and the storage never moved I ended up do a factory reset just wondering because the apps show used space in MB’s
  3. Rinny1


    Ya correct why so much storage used up have not downloaded anything yet just few apps
  4. Brand new box just a few apps installed iptv up and running but the Storage 8.16/9.46G why the storage eaten up ?! How or why do check why
  5. I have 2 the same !! the remote keypad Keys have moved on the newer remotes guide was below the down arrow also vod guide dont work also
  6. Any updates on the newer ARQ-100 remote with the guide button not working it’s moved above the up arrow if you press menu scroll to EPG the guide pops up
  7. PM me please on your server service mine good !! This problem since the update!
  8. Heads up on the xr 4000 last big update it set the player to secondary it’s much better on default!!
  9. Yup my other box Mag let’s say same service does not do it the buzz 4000 never did it before the big update just sayin
  10. I noticed when a live TV channel glitches to a picture freeze and and sound still playing the picture stays frozen this new since the new file too correct you must go up a channel and back
  11. Or I had some TVs have a black screen because the HDMI not connecting
  12. Hold the power button scroll down to restart i had one box do this your hardwired?
  13. The guide and categories seem fine I too have one box after a restart the Bluetooth massage pop up Bluetooth not connecting wait or close
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