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  1. PM me please on your server service mine good !! This problem since the update!
  2. Heads up on the xr 4000 last big update it set the player to secondary it’s much better on default!!
  3. Yup my other box Mag let’s say same service does not do it the buzz 4000 never did it before the big update just sayin
  4. I noticed when a live TV channel glitches to a picture freeze and and sound still playing the picture stays frozen this new since the new file too correct you must go up a channel and back
  5. Or I had some TVs have a black screen because the HDMI not connecting
  6. Hold the power button scroll down to restart i had one box do this your hardwired?
  7. The guide and categories seem fine I too have one box after a restart the Bluetooth massage pop up Bluetooth not connecting wait or close
  8. Lol I guess just wonder the different build platforms and advantages
  9. Question running the buzz 4 app live tv On Default player Or Secondary player Changing channels on the default player it has a slight glitch I noticed Secondary player it’s smooth changing channels What’s the advantage between theses players Thanks
  10. What was involved in this file just wondering thsnks
  11. I had a xr 4000 my buddy had to reboot the box in order for the remote to work properly!!! the remote was slow press a button would not do anything hold the power button down scroll down to restart and worked!! yes it may not work for all your red light coming on the remote when a button pressed if not it’s the remote I had 2 bad remotes with this problem arq-100 remote awesome too just sayin
  12. Looked like to be the remote the first few boxes I noticed from 2019 September have problems
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