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  1. Yes sir Rinny. I noticed this too. Lightening fast !
  2. M3U Playlist portal connects, tested. Probably the XC API portal would connect, I would guess.
  3. and which connection method are you using? MAC Server, API or M3u ?
  4. this may have all been part of a service issue and apologies in that case. But it seemed to me that this was once fixed internally by buzz team back when i had the XR4000 a year ago or so. So I figured Buzz could again address this for us. Even now with it working as Ryu pointed out, we are missing certain options when we remove the URL suffix, like category sorting or any categories at all. Channel logos missing too. i wonder if this could be looked at thru Buzz team , just a peak thnx for considering
  5. I did as you outlined Ryu and indeed now acid's EPG does populate. I also deleted all other active portals on this box with only the one playlist portal with Acid's EPG remaining, so not to mistake what I am seeing as another portal. It works !! Good job Ryu !
  6. yes, I am fairly familiar on how it all works I have never maintained an EPG myself, but acid's EPG is designed and maintained for the m3u playlist I have been referring to. I know some tags may not match with Acid's EPG and the server's EPG, but there would be very few of those, if any. Acid maintains his EPG daily. If he has trouble he will report it. Last time there was an issue it was something to do with SD-JSON images requiring tokens, Effective 2022-10-01 quote from acid... 'As of this moment mc2xml (software I use for EPG) is not working, the whole site is down, linux and windows version of the software are not working, I have no idea if it's due to SD changes or some other issues. I'll keep an eye on it, but for now I won't be able to pull the EPG, I've been on it since yesterday and I'm still at it. Looking for alternatives.' Since then he has reported back and had successful pushed a new update to github and all was working fine again as reported by him. I can be almost sure that the issue is not with acid's EPG. In fact I sponsor him with new devices from time to time over the past 5 or 6 years, on behalf of the community and is partly why he devotes his work to our specific playlist channels. His last new device was a BuzzTV X5 and he also reported to me that he could not get his own EPG working on that X5 device. But does have it working on another un-named device. Sorry about all these posts on your Update thread allaboutbuzz. Perhaps they could be moved into a separate thread ? update: I did get the Server's EPG URL working thru m3u playlist Portal option. But no luck with acid's and still waiting on any confirmation one way or another.
  7. I had acid's EPG working on other devices in the past but I no longer have those devices . They included a dreamlink T3 .. buzztv 4000. The T3 always worked with this EPG URL The 4000 at first did not work with the acid EPG URL, till Buzz team did something and that fixed the issue. That was over a year ago I think. I no longer have the T3 or the 4000 devices, so I can't check the EPG with those. The devices I have now either do not have the epg xml option or have it but it is not working. I just tried on the EZ Media Player as that device does have the option, but acid's EPG does not work there either, and if memory serves me, it did not work in the past either with acid's xml EPG. Acid himself uses this EPG URL (but on some other android device), and he is always updating the community on it's status and last word was it is working fine. I have private contact with him as well and he has not told me otherwise. But I sent out a request for anyone that is using the this EPG and the same server if they could confirm one way or another on any device. Any way, I am waiting for any replies currently. Have not messaged allaboutbuzz yet, till I get conformation. I am somewhat overtired too, it's been a long night at work and a longer morning :eek: While I am waiting I will be testing the server EPG URL on the 4900. Will see what that says
  8. Thnx Emporium This is not a server EPG URL that I use with m3u portal. It is from a 3rd party source (acidjesuz). He supplies a working EPG since a few years now. There is also an EPG URL supplied by the server but I don't use that one, unless I use XC API or MAC connections in which case the server's EPG is automatically used.. With the m3u connection method, I use acid's EPG and that way I can get a more reliable EPG then what my server supplies. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/acidjesuz/epg/master/guide.xml
  9. okay, I will first set it all up again and retry. Then if same results I will send PM But I am off to work for the night, so will be tomorrow. Thnx
  10. it's never worked on the 4900 or the X5 The EPG source is good and works on other devices. I have tried the same EPG URL on another device does populate , but it does not populate on the 4900 or the X5 I did have it working on the 4000 some time ago, and just recently I saw a post in which the poster said it was working on the 4000 but has stopped working since a few weeks now.
  11. V5.0.783 auto loaded onto the 4900 and message was seen onscreen Was hoping to see the EPG URL working with the m3u Server option. Some time ago i had asked about it when I had the 4000 & 4500 models. It was fixed on the 4500 I believe, but I do not remeber which model (4000 or 4500 and I no longer have the devices to check again). The 4900, nor the X5 have it working correctly. This is the option to add a URL for a 3rd party EPG. We can add the Server URL fine the EPG URL fine too, but while viewing LiveTV the EPG never populates. The m3u Server option
  12. showed up on the 4900 w/FW version 20220923 Buzz5 / Android 9 Loaded fine. Updated IPTV version: 5.0.781
  13. original FW and Buzz5 versions : 202220919 / 5.0,766 Update notice appeared upon start up after update: 20221011 / 5.0.775 it was a couple minutes to update with a reboot to finish. Looking good
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