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  1. I also see that all those empty thumbnail image slots that were previously showing an endless loading loop are now gone. Those slots were empty because there were only so many movies in each category and they all show their image and in their own slot (so to speak) and then the empty slots also show and went on forever it seemed, and with that spinning circle on each empty image. .. It would drive me batty ... lol thnx for fixing that
  2. cool beans : That m3u hardcopy file playback thing we had been discussing allaboutbuzz, is now working just fine. I now can access and open and playback every category. Looks good... thnx The deleting recordings seems to be working fine now too.
  3. whacked


    same issue here Playback of recorded content only plays back approx 45 to 55 seconds. This is the same weather recorded to sata drive, or USB drive or internal storage. Never get Playback that lasts longer then 55 seconds thnx
  4. did the box loose internet connection ? Does the Apitiode market open ?
  5. I apologize for interupting this thread, but I wanted to report my current standing with the issue I had of not recognizing my external or internal drives in the recording menu (which I reported in this thread a day or two ago). The issue is fixed and now working as designed. Recording onto HDD drives also works fine, SATA type drives included. thnx allaboutbuzz BTW, do you get any sleep ? ... You are a amazing :)
  6. A couple days ago, I had recorded onto a 160GB Toshiba HardDrive (SATA) Seemed to work fine with the recording found on the HDD Android>media>buzz.services.pvr But I just tried again and the in 'New Schedule' setup,, I can not choose a dive to record to. The slot to select a drive is stuck in Locating mode. This did work the other day and I had two external drives connected at that time to which both showed in this slot. I have reboot the 4900 a few times but always same result. So I opened a File Manager and I can see the USB drive and the SATA drive and also a Mouse is connected with a USB card and that works fine, so the box is seeing these drives, but seems they are not seen by the recording function. I opened that recording from the other day and it played fine. The Mouse works fine and the Manager sees all the drives. But no drives are seen in the Recording Scheduler setup. I had installed a Buzz5 Beta file since I did that recording, is the only difference.
  7. whacked

    XRS4900 & M3U

    There is only one main advantage in using an hardcopy of a Playlist (an .m3u file). It is that you can edit the file... add or remove channels, sort them and etc.. If you are not needing or wanting any of that then use the URL connection method or the MAC Server method. and no need for the hardcopy of the playlist, unless you plan on doing some editing. The original Buzz5 software version that you may see on your new 4900 Version: 4.0.527 updated 02/19/21 Since then there have been 2 updates (4.0.528 and 4.0.529) and now a new beta version is being looked at. To view the version information, open the Server Settings, then press the menu button. A side-bar menu should appear with the version shown at the bottom. To install an new update at this time, open a LiveTV channel and then Menu > Server Settings > Check Updates Once you select Check Updates, the update will automatically start and it will probably be the 4.0.529 version at this time. You do not need a jump drive to update, but for the Edited copy then yes, fat32 or xfat .... I believe needs to be the format on the USB storage drive
  8. whacked

    XRS4900 & M3U

    I am very pleased to announce that the BuzzTV team has fixed the issue with not able to load and use an .m3u file of a modified Playlist. If you were to download a copy of 'traditional' .m3u file, and load it onto a USB storage device and then load that into the Buzz box and then enter M3U Playlist menu and seen there is an option to 'Choose File'. So use that option and choose your file from the storage device. Next is to use the Connect option found there. It will connect and channels will appear. BUT if I tried the exact same process with my own edited .m3u files , but they would not work and always give me an error message. The guys over at BuzzTV Team went thru some extensive testing with this procedure in the last 24 hours or so and I am very happy to say that they have fixed this so now my Edited Playlist copies work just fine on the BuzzTV 4900 I especially want to thank allaboutbuzz (Team member) whom listened to my explanation of the issue and walked thru it with his Team and fix it ! And most members that know me can a test to how I do ramble on sometimes I am told this fix will carry thru to all the 4000 and 4500 and E1 models as well, and along with a few other added features. Fantastic work BuzzTV Team!!
  9. whacked

    XRS4900 & M3U

    You would need a hardcopy of that .m3u file to go that route. That URL you sent me and i tested is only a URL and not an .m3u file. If you paste that URL into your web browser on your computer , it may lead to a hardcopy of the .m3u file, which you could then download and then put on a hard drive device. Otherwise you could simply paste that URL into the URL line in that m3u Playlist slot and that will work fine. And If your service offers an EPG URL, then paste that in the line for the EPG There are two methods you could use in this Playlist Server slot One is by using the Playlist URL and the other is using the .m3u file itself. The EPG URL will work for the Playlist URL method and for the .m3u file method as well. So if you have that EPG URL, then paste it in there, regardless of which method you will be using.
  10. whacked

    XRS4900 & M3U

    This is just an update with new information to this thread. I been working with allaboutbuzz thru back and forth messages. And Allaboutbuzz did get this issue with the hardcopy (,m3u file) to work correctly. The hardcopy of a Playlist, (which is an .m3u file) placed onto a USB storage device does indeed work correctly when choosing the file thru that 'Choose File' option box. I have been attempting this with edited copies (.m3u files), and none of them worked, however they do work thru Perfect Player app. Allaboutbuzz tried an un-edited copy and it work as designed thru that 'Choose File' option. So I tried that same un-edited copy and it worked correctly as designed for me too. So in conclusion, it must be something to do with only edited copies. Could be the encoding somehow was changed or a Directive has been moved or misplaced in the script. this will be looked at some more to possibly find the answer:) But in the end, the option to 'Choose File' does work as designed, as long as the copy is not an edited copy (for now). thnx allaboutbuzz
  11. whacked

    XRS4900 & M3U

    rssgmatt, that M3u Playlist URL you sent me does work fine when copied into the m3u Playlist line. Rodger that I never tried it thru the XC/API line , but you can try that at your leisure I have set your info you send me onto self destruct mode , it will be permanently deleted
  12. whacked

    XRS4900 & M3U

    URL in the m3u Server Line is working fine, as expected. Adding the full URL is time consuming as the URL is quite lengthy and typing in the URL there is a chance to make mistakes. I have found that using the Total Commander File Manager and it's copy and paste functions, it makes the task so so much easier and then you are sure not to make mistakes in your type either If anyone wants the directions to do this process , please do ask and I will post up a tutorial. I was looking at that URL you have there rssgmatt and it does not look like an actual m3u URL , maybe it could be used in the XC/ API server area ? I could test it for you if you would like. Send me a Private message if you decide so.
  13. one important factor which people do not think about is that when using the m3u line there is also a place to add a third party source for the EPG. If you have multiple EPG URLs, you could even create a few m3u connections with a different EPG URL attached to each one. Then when your server is lagging with their EPG data, you can simply switch from MAC Server to one of the m3u server lines with that third party EPG URL I have 3 separate EPG sources and all 3 are for the same service and this may go without saying, but I will say it anyway... I never have trouble with an empty EPG
  14. in the Apps menu, open the Permissions on the Google apps. There may be some things in there you might want turned off. Check all the Google apps, there are a few. These may not pertain to start-up apps, but do pertain to privacy
  15. whacked

    XRS4900 & M3U

    if that is a URL , then yes it should work. I am about to do some testing with the URLs now.
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