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  1. BigBison and Stugots Thnx for the posted How to Guides and Manuals guys. Your work is appreciated very much, and thought it time we say so Awesome stuff !! Gotta give all you other regular members a thnx too... you know who you are This forum is becoming an awesome place for info and help. kudos to allaboutbuzz and his other admins and staff
  2. create one or two sever slots with false info and save each (dummy servers). Then open a third slot and enter your correct server info and try and connect.
  3. The other day, I just happen to have made a short tutorial on just this very topic. I posted it just now
  4. BuzzTV ST4000 - Loading Installing apk/app files Apps (applications) can be loaded on the VidStick in a few different ways. -App Store has a shortcut shown on your Home Screen. This App Store is an online Aptoide TV Store free to use with no registration needed. Upon first opening this Store, you may and probably will get an alert to update to the newest version. This is only an update for this particular Aptoide TV app, so go ahead and accept that update. Now you can explore what's in the Store and available to download with simply a few clicks away (follow onscreen prompts). This can also be a good place to view the tech info with any particular app. -Google Play Store has a shortcut shown in the 'All Apps' category. This Store prompts you to sign in using your google account. Upon first opening this Store, you will see an update start on it's own, let it update. Once in the Store, explore at your leisure Next we will look at the two pre-installed File Managers found on your VidStick. These 2 applications can be used for side-loading an APK file. File Browser and AppInstaller I prefer the File Browser as it also has other abilities included. Such as the ability to open any downloaded movies you may have on a device and in turn open a Video Player to watch the movie. All done from right inside the File Browser, so no need to use other added steps to get the job done An APK file is basically just a carrier of an app (application). The APK file is what is downloaded and placed onto a USB memory device. The app inside of that apk file, is what is installed on your Android device. For example, I want to load the Total Commander which is a File Manager/Browser/Explorer. Before we carry on , we need to first 'Allow Apps from Unknown Sources' This can be done thru the VidStick's onboard Android menus. Home > Settings > Device Preferences > Security & Restrictions > Unknown Sources. Once you open the Unknown Sources option, you will see the apps currently installed on your VidStick, and these apps shown are the ones that can possibly install stuff on your Stick. You will see the AppInstaller and the File Browser are listed there and they need to be set to be 'Allowed'. But with this VidStick, the Buzz team has already set those to 'Allowed' , so nothing to see here... lol I did however want to show that procedure because it is a rarity to see these 'Allowed' as default, but is a nice touch to see added by the Team Okay now we need two things... 1. The apk file of the application that you want to side-load (download & install). 2. A USB memory drive device, formatted to FAT32 or xFat Here's an APK file of a favorite Manager/Explorer application I like to have installed on all my Android boxes... Total Commander apk for Android https://total-commander.en.uptodown.com/android or The ghisler website is their home developer site. https://www.ghisler.com/ Once you get that APK onto your USB memory stick, follow along with the text shown below. -AppInstaller This is where we can install apk files onto the Buzz box. Apk files a way to install an application thru USB device drive. Once installed, the APP can be found in your My APPS menu. You will need the apk file placed on a FAT32 formatted USB drive. Always try to have the USB drive inserted into the Buzz box while the Buzz is powered off. If the drive is not recognized, then use the Power icon on bottom right on main Buzz screen and Reboot. Then enter AppInstaller again and the USB drive should now be seen. Appinstaller does only one thing and that is installing an Application (app) from an apk file. -File Browser Another apk installer. If the USB is not seen then again follow above procedure. On File Browser's main screen you should see.. -Local Disk -USB drive Open USB and you will see the contents of the drive. .txt or any files can be opened and seen onscreen. .apk files can be installed, just click to install. This one can be used to open selected video files as well and be instantly played on command right from this File Manager.
  5. okay okay.. now do not laugh at me, nor even a slight snicker. First I unpaired the remote (it was indicating that it was indeed paired) and tried again with IR extender still same lagging seen. So then I did something I was sure it did not need. I changed the batteries and now the remote is commanding the VIdStick like a champ I was sure it was not the batteries, as it worked great on the XR4000 and still does if i put back in old batteries. Problem now is that I can not seem to get it to Pair back to bluetooth so i can continue with these 'tests' It did inticate that it was paired successfully right from the initial setup, but it would not work unless that IR Extender was connected. And now it won't pair But in meantime all is fine with IR mode and IR extender lol.... bateries , batteries.... did someone say batteries
  6. I did get that update on the XR4000 today as well. I do not recall if I had any lagging on the 4000 before the update, if I did it was minimal
  7. I don't want to update yet because I think my issue may lie in the IR/Bluetooth setup. I intially did pair the device, but when i first tried the remote it would not work at all ... till I connected the IR extender and then it worked but with some lagging, so I then thought that the pairing failed and just went with the extender. however today the lagging and locking up has gotten much worse. It is also now even experienced on Home screen... The remote and batteries are fine , its the same remote I use on the XR4000 and that setup is working like a champ.... so i am currently in the process of checking on this IR/Bluethooth thing and test that before any updates will report back when I can
  8. this VidStick did get an update just a few days ago when I first connected online, but I am also getting some lagging while scrolling in EPG or in that side-bar Channel List and also while scrolling the categories, it lags sometimes to a complete stop for a few seconds.. I can Exit fine using the Exit command in the menu fine, but if I use the Back button on RCU to bring up the Exit option onscreen, it does not bring up that option but instead it loops to the Channel list and then back to full TV screen and back to list when I continue using the Back button. That Back button when pressed twice usually brings up the Exit/Cancel command seen onscreen, or I thought it did Version 4.0.467 05/21/2020 Using IR extender The XR4000 took the update this morning and is working fie as reported in that XR4000 thread. The Buzz app versions are the same except the dates are not. This one is from May 21 date, while the the XR has the June 11 date. And their Firmware versions are also different.
  9. I don't know about the Stick but this xR4000 is @ firmware version 20200615 and buzz version 4.0.476 I had disconnected the Stick and connected the XR4000 for this thread.
  10. scrolling seems fine. I did experience some lagging in the past, but I am never sure if its just my remote reception or alignment . Scrolling in Guide or Channel List or Categories seems to be fine with no lagging.
  11. During the initial setup, did you go thru the 'Pairing' procedure to pair the remote with Bluetooth ?
  12. while LiveTV is playing, press the red button at bottom left on your RCU Is that what you are looking for ?
  13. Not sure exactly where you are in all this. Are you trying to connect to an M3u slot ? Is that slot setup with a Playlist URL is is it a hard copy of a m3u file on a memory device ? Or did you abandon that and are now trying to connect thru a Server slot with a MAC attached ? Please explain more clearly where you are at
  14. Are you talking about a pin-hole reset or the reset found in the menu selection. The pin-hole method is not the actual reset thou. It's the method to take your device into Recovery Mode and then the reset function is found once in the Recovery Mode. Follow BigBison's post for the Recovery method. It's a 4500 model but the procedure is same for the VidStick except the pin-hole placement. With the VidStick, look just below the IR port is where the pin-hole is found. Follow BigBison's post for the reset found in the menus. It's a 4000 model but the procedure is same for the VidStick
  15. whacked


    how do you know that it is not 'paired' with Bluetooth ? Follow procedure shown below to check that. Open Settings > Remotes & Accessory .. next you will see either one or two options. Add Accessory & BuzzTV BT-100 If the BuzzTV BT-100 option is not shown there, then it did not Pair successfully. But if you do see the BT-100 option shown there, then your BT-100 did Pair successfully. You can also elect to un-Pair the BT-100 here as well. And at anytime Pair it back here as well, thru 'Add Accessory' option.
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