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  1. I did not know the buzz had that ability. That certainly would be the easiest, as long as the size of the drive is not a factor. cool
  2. with a google search I found some info... The way you reformat a volume on a Mac is using Disk Utility In general any FAT format should work on both a PC and a Mac as I understand it (not from personal experience but from others). If you need more info on the process, a simple google search should help. And also if you have any content on that drive, you should transfer it onto PC or MAC before formatting. The formatting process with preeminently delete all content from the drive. And on another note, I found that formatting a large drive like a 1 TB works bette
  3. Okay,forget about the deleting thing, that was just to reestablish the driver on your PC and therefore may have been seen by the buzz... BUT Sound like it just needs to be formated. Format to FAT or xFAT You can do that with it connected to your PC... I do not have experience with MAC Books thou.
  4. been using WD My Passport 1TB HDD pretty much on all devices, from Windows to android boxes. With these Buzz boxes and that large amount of HDD you are connecting to them, you need to safely add or remove the drive to and from USB port. That means power off the Buzz box and then connect the drive to it and power back on. You can connect to a powered on Buzz box, but you would have to watch your Buzz go thru a reboot. I can tell you with experienced testing that when I connect my WD MyPassport 1TB to the powered up XRS4500 or XR4000, the buzz box goes thru a reboot sequence. It
  5. I have had instances when USB was not recognized altogether and that fix was from NBS quote... 'Always try to have the USB drive inserted into the Buzz box while the Buzz is powered off.If the drive is not recognized, then use the Power icon on bottom right on main Buzz screen and Reboot' Using other media Players as reported too is good way to tell if maybe it was a codecs issue with the Player or something along them lines. However, if same issue persists with other Players, then it could also be disc errors on that USB drive. Check and Repair that by inserting drive in
  6. with Rinny's help I have some results. I sent you a message allaboutbuzz
  7. seems this is somehow server related but maybe not totally. With a certain server, the sound will drop if and when the channel has a glitch (a short freeze for example). After the freeze or other glitch has gone away, the sound is gone. The sound comes back with a channel zap (change channel up and then back). Seems this only happens with the 4000 model thou (s what Rinny has told me) and not other boxes with same setup. I am working with Rinny in private, to test some things. I will be testing how other boxes act and how this 4000 I have here acts (with that
  8. I was checking that a few months ago NBS and my results were ... I started adding to the 'Top 10 Channel favorites' (TV Channels category) and did get to 10 added, but I kept going and got up to 31 added and all 31 are seen on the Launcher screen. I do not know what the limit would be, I stopped at 31
  9. that Troypoint app is not available as an apk version , so side-loading is not possible. You must use Playstore as NBS outlined for that app. But if it does not load, then it is either an in-correct version or is incompatible
  10. load apk files onto USB drive using your computer. Download the apk from whatever source and then open your download folder (on PC or Laptop). Insert USB stick into PC and transfer the file from Download folder to the USB drive. Then put that into VidStick and open the drive thru that File Manager/Browser and carry on These apps must first be in an APK carrier. If its not an apk file then your Manager will not recognize it.
  11. Are you saying that you put something on the sandisk but it is not showing up when you open the File Manager ? Is the sandisk showing at all? That Local Drive showing there will always show there and has nothing to do with the sandisk or any files being transferring . Its the Local drive on your VidStick. You need to see the sandisk drive there, along with that Local Drive. If the sandisk is not showing there and it has been formatted correctly then it may have surface errors. To fix that ... insert sandisk drive into PC or Laptop and right click on the d
  12. I do not see that available as an APK file, so that means side-loading the app would not be possible. Google Playstore does have the app thou. It may or may not be compatible with the Vidstick thou. The info concerning that is a little confusing. Follow the path to their website to read up on all that. troypoint.com/downloader Ohh and I see NBS has been here before me Your VidStick does already have an application or two that would probably do most if not all things that the Troypont Downloader would do. Below is a copy of a guide I cr
  13. what worked ? Nothing works... We need to talk
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