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  1. thanks...so issues with the xrs4500 specifically? It's working on every device I've installed hbo on...it's just the buzz's I can't get going. Will keep trying.
  2. Hey all, Has anyone been able to find a working version of HBO max for the buzz? I've tried on both the xrs4500 and Essentials boxes with no luck. The Android TV versions of the app don't display properly. The mobile version of the apk doesn't load files. Wasn't sure if anyone found a good version of the apk that works on the buzz boxes. Thanks!
  3. Good to know...looking forward to it....just have to put up with my xrs4500 in the meantime
  4. Hopefully not...I heard this month sometime after speaking to a distributer last week.
  5. Hey all. Just wondering if there's any update on when this might be available for purchase? Specifically in Canada Thanks!
  6. Also what are you comparing the pic quality to, ie, another box, using the same provider and same channel/content?
  7. What model xpl3000 do you have? 2 gig or 1 gig? Edit: I see there's a basic section so yours must be 2 gig.
  8. No one should be forced to use other methods I agree but at least if something works for now as a workaround why not.
  9. Are you using full m3u lines? If so, Have you tried installing Xtreme codes API method (user/pass)?
  10. What does this meann exactly though? Buzz can't help if they don't know specifics.
  11. Glad it's working. That doesn't sound right though as I don't know any system that allows the reseller/provider to have 2 of the same Mac in the system.
  12. You can't change launchers in older but models though so you wouldn't have that issue on those boxes.
  13. Nope not at all! I like to teach people!
  14. U might be confusing yourself or the reseller is confusing you lol. Mac is always technically 1 connection. 1 mac for 1 device. User/pass you can have 1 or more connections all using the same user/pass. So you can have one username for 1 or more devices.
  15. Don't do this yet until you read my other post. But I also asked about using the same mac on both boxes earlier
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