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  1. You must be right. Not a problem today. Seems obvious that it can't be hardware.
  2. AArghh. Other than my VOD problem it's been running like a champ.
  3. Does anyone else see this happening? Every 4 - 5 minutes the video will freeze on my XRS 4000. The audio keeps on going but the video freezes until either the up or down channel is pushed. Then it will carry on normally for another few minutes, then it will repeat. This is happening on most channels. Every once in a while both audio and video will freeze at the same time , and and the channel up/down will correct it again. This condition seems to come in spits and spurts. It will run for 1/2 an hour or so, and then it will start acting up all over again. Needless to say - it makes watching anything pretty tough. Oh yeah, I should mention that when either condition happens you can't wait it out. It will stay frozen until the channel up or down is pushed. I hate to say that this just started happening after the new version of firmware was released.
  4. Yes I did. He asked for my serial # and said that he would get back to me after the weekend.
  5. Thanks. That didn't seem to work.
  6. Tried using both players with no difference. Begins freezing within the first 2-3 minutes of movie. Sometimes boots back to selection menu, sometimes freezes and says Buzz not responding I have been having this problem since unit was new last December. I was hoping that the new firmware release would fix the problem, but it did not. VOD movies and PPV movies can't be played at all.
  7. I am still having issues with VOD. I was hoping that the new spin of FW would clear it up.
  8. That was a pretty stupid question. I just pulled the plug. Still won't load the server though. I have no idea what happened. It was working OK this morning.
  9. Somehow my XRS4000 won't load up my server. I notice that my Ethernet and Wi-Fi settings are both turned on. I am sure that only my Wi-Fi was selected before. How do I turn off the Ethernet?
  10. Sorry - I jumped the gun. I thought that this upgrade was for the XRS4000. I stand corrected and apologize.
  11. Is there a trick to get this upgrade? No message has appeared on my screen, and a manual check for upgrades shows No Upgrades Available. Still shows 20191210.
  12. That seems to have hit the spot. Thanks for the help.
  13. I'll give that a try tomorrow. Thanks for the reply and the tip. I'll be sure to let you know how I make out. BTW - how do i do a factory reset on this box?
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