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  1. check your remote batteries, most of the time lockup is due to remote being out low batteries.
  2. What you are asking for and learning what is legal and not legal is not something we can talk or teach you here. you have genuine tech question ask here, we are not here to take your hand and baby walk you through settings and say what really portal is where you getting your server info from, why not to purchase MicroSD card lower then U3, If you want to pair your BT-100 or ARQ-100 remote how to hold it and why you have to point it to the ST4000 or XRS4000. Its not hard to request a article on this forum or a Quick Video on how to change your Video player on XR4500. while you really don't need to process this and its only meant for geekier users.
  3. Yes i read that but i just wanted to bring up. that our boxes do not need down-loader.
  4. create a RMA ticket http://buzztv.com/RMA and let one of our repair personal fix your unit.
  5. don't get mad or anything, but why are we going through such a trouble looking from "Downloader" on VidStick??? This Unit have a Chrome Browser use that to download any apps you want. leave "Downloader" for units that has no root access, no way to install apps like FireStick. Case Closed.
  6. 1. Long Press [ TV Power + OK ] keys for 3 seconds Until you see the blue light LED turns Solid Red. 2. Press the key to be programmed. Example [ TV Power ] The Blue LED begins to blink. 3. Aim the Remote to the front of the TV Remote( distance less then 3CM ) 1) Press Power button on Buzztv Remote 2) Press Power button on your TV remote. 3 ) You will see that Light will blink 3 times 4. Press Power on Buzztv TV remote to sync the code. Now test your Buzztv remote with your TV to make sure the power works. Also you can same type of steps for Source button on buzztv remote.
  7. You need to have the IR extender hooked up and make sure the remote can see the IR extender you can not hide it behind your tv that has to be visible.
  8. I know you have asked this question under a new post but it seems you have explained and forgot a few points, VidStick aka ST4000 do not have a IR sensor built-in. You need to connect the IR Extender to the side of the VidStick to make the IR work, but if you paired your BT-100 with VidStick your IR indicator is disabled. so that is why you are having power on and off issues. with IR it works like charm. but you need the IR extender to be connected to VidStick.
  9. As i can check you are spamming all over the forums with questions, but after reading most of your post i see that you have VidStick, and VidStick do not have IR sensor built in, and when you turn on Bluetooth The IR Indicator turns off, even if you hooked up the IR extender. So On ARQ-100 The Green Power button only works with IR and not USB dongle. so the remote works 100% no problems with it.
  10. I know having a Navigation bar is a good thing, but some people do not like to see it all the time, so here is how you can remove it. 1. From Main screen 2. Scroll down and Select Buzztv Utilities. 3. Scroll down and select Navigation bar 4. Click On Enable navigation bar The blue button will change to grey color. 5. Once you Click it will turn Grey 6. Press back few times till you are back to main screen and you are done, Enjoy
  11. This Tutorial should show you how to use IR portion of your Remote, and how to change from Bluetooth Remote to IR. 1. Make sure you have your IR extender ready, and make sure VidStick is Turn on and YourTV is On. 2. Hookup the IR Extender to your VidStick aka ST4000. Using your BT-100 Remote 3. From the Main screen Scroll and Select Settings 4. Scroll down and select Remote and Accessories. 5. Select BT-100 6. Scroll down and Select Unpair 7. You see a page will ask you to Select OK 8. Now it is unpaired and you are using Your Remote as IR remote. Point your remote to the IR Extender and press back till you are back to the main screen. Enjoy your VidStick with IR Remote.
  12. remember that processing this will wipe and delete all your data from the device.
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