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  1. XPL 3000 + XPL3100 + XPL3900 + XPL3000 Basic New Update: Feb 20th, 2020 Version 2.0 (347) Changes: - Fixed some memory bug issues - Fixed an issue with TV Series on Streaming Lines - Fixed some Xtream Editor M3U Bugs - Added M3U EPG Support
  2. you are correct on both places you will lose your URL, so you need to write it down.
  3. that is cause your provider fixed its issue.
  4. power cycle and try again now, it should go through.
  5. you can not add your own video players and use for buzztv 4 app. if you load VOD then press menu you are able to change players too only for VOD. same goes for LiveTV once you change players you are able to keep it and using it. if you are still having issue with your app closing down contact your Live Provider to make sure they support buzztv.
  6. To fix this issue, follow these steps, 1. Go to Settings 2. More settings 3. Apps 4. Select Chrome Browser 5. Clear data 6. Press back till you are on main screen 7. Select Live / Press Menu key on your Keyboard 8. Select Update 9. Accept update it should take less then 30 seconds If update still not working then follow last steps. 1. From Main Screen Select Settings 2. Select More.. 3. Scroll to Reset 4. Follow the prompts, (( Warning : all your data will be lost )) 5. Once your box is totally factory reset then select Live and Press Menu and select Update. it should be working. Keep us updated here.
  7. follow these steps to fix your issue, when bringing up VOD, press menu and select Secondary Player. update us.
  8. can you pm me one or two serial numbers that dose not authorize?
  9. can you check your disk space first, by going to apps then file manager make sure your space has atleast 15% empty space. if not then please reply we could give you some other steps to empty space.
  10. Process these steps i am pretty sure you will have no issues. 1. From Main Screen select App Store 2. Select Search 3. Type Prime and click on Search 4. Select the First one which has a black background. 5. Then Select Other Versions 6. Select Version 7. Select Install 8. Once Download is done, you will get a white screen and you need to select Install. 9. Once it is installed Click on Open 10. Then Enter your UserID and Password for Your Amazon Prime Account. and click on Sign-in button. 11. Scroll to your video and click on it, like i am doing. 12. I have selected Arjun Reddy 13. and I have selected to Play or Resume if you watched a part of it. And that is it Enjoy.
  11. which remote you have this fake brand? or you have Original buzztv IR remote?
  12. its IR remote, which is ok, but not all buttons may work on XR/XRS4000 good for 3000 or before that.
  13. veuillez visiter notre site Web http://buzztv.com pour plus d'informations sur ce modèle ou les modèles plus récents.
  14. you really should not be cleaning cache, but if that requires it should be maybe every blue moon.
  15. sounds good, please update me if this method works out.
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