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  1. Thanks for the update. Happy to hear it's being addressed.
  2. Is there any update on when this will be fixed. Having to unplug the XRS4000 after every use is really a pain. It worked fine before the June update. Would be nice to see it fixed .... just saying.
  3. It's funny that it stayed off all night and then I posted that. Two hours after I posted that it stayed off, it started back up on it's own. Guess I got too excited .... ha!
  4. I was using Kodi 18.6 along with a usb hard drive and updated it to Kodi 18.7. After the Kodi update, the box now shuts off and stays off. Just fyi.
  5. In my settings, the start on boot on was set to off. I changed it to start on boot on .... on and it still started on it's own after about being shut down for a couple of minutes. Just fyi. Thanks.
  6. I've tried the suspend option and it still restarts. Quick hitting the power button only restarts the box for me. Only option is unplugging the power supply.
  7. Is there a fix to be released to stop the XRS4000 from restarting on it's own? It's a pain having to unplug the power supply when it's in a entertainment unit.
  8. Installed the June 17 update on my XRS4000 and now after I shutdown, it starts back up on it's own after about 5 minutes. I had to unplug power to the box to prevent it from restarting on it's own.
  9. I contacted BuzzTV and explained my problem. Their reply was the remote is only warrantied for 3 months. I purchased mine in November so I'm SOL.
  10. I have the same problem with my Buzz XRS4000. Have to press the buttons several times to get it to work. I also have a Buzz XPL3000 that came with 2 remotes, so I took the spare and tried it and it works like a charm on the XRS4000. Proves there's a problem with XRS4000 remote I'd say.
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