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  1. I've also experienced this on my 4500 Max with the BT100. Re-booting, re-pairing or replacing batteries didn't help. I've also found that when searching in VOD/TV, the remote will occasionally enter letters (or numbers) two or three times with one press of the OK button, or just freeze up. Can be annoying at times. One other thing I've noticed just this week is that when I switch from Energizer alkaline to NiMH rechargeable batteries the remaining charge shown in bluetooth only shows 66% on fully charged batteries.
  2. Dave J

    Buzz 5

    Just out of curiosity, what firmware version did you get with your Buzz5 update?
  3. Dave J

    New Update

    After checking all my settings and hardware I wasn't able to find out what was causing the problem. Last night I got the .759 update, and the problem is gone!
  4. Dave J

    New Update

    I'm using suspend at the moment. Haven't tried from a cold start, that's next on my list. I'm also looking a little deeper into my setup, as I've never had any problems with updates before. I'll update this post once I eliminate a few things.
  5. Dave J

    New Update

    I haven't sent a message yet, but I have considered whether it might be an issue with my provider. I've been using the service for the last 6 months without any problems, but things can change without warning. Probably a good idea to contact them as well.
  6. Dave J

    New Update

    Thanks. If it's a glitch the Dev team will find it.
  7. Dave J

    New Update

    Yes, cleared the data and cache, no change. Uninstalled the Buzz5TV app and re-started the box, App auto-updates to .758. Then I re-enter my server info and re-connect. Put the box in standby, and then turn back on. Hasn't resolved the problem.
  8. Dave J

    New Update

    Since .756, my 4500's won't directly start in live TV. I get a message "stream not available, try again later", then suddenly I have my channel. Other times I get only a blank screen. I hit live TV, then the channel kicks in. Doesn't matter which channel, wired or wi-fi.
  9. Yes, hard reset is the avenue of last resort, but sometimes there is no other way out. The 4500 on BuzzTV 5 beta has back up and restore, and as dishuser suggested using it can save you hours of work (and grief). Best regards, Dave J.
  10. I found that when it freezes, before it reloads the pop up widow displays exit the app or wait, which he mentioned in his post. There is enough time to exit the app, and you're left in the home screen. Then you can get into the settings.
  11. Had this happen to me once. Before you do the hard reset, go to apps, BuzzTV5, and clear the data and cache. That worked for me. You may have to re-enter your server info; it was a while ago and I don't remember.
  12. Yes, working fine again. Seems to load up just a bit faster with this update.
  13. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
  14. I noticed that the weather app is no longer updating on the Home Screen, although when you enter the settings wheel it is up to date. If I exit and restart the BuzzTV5 app, it updates on the Home Screen . Is this related to the original issue?
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