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    Thanks you all about buzz for helping out. It worked.
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    NEW XR & XRS 4500 Official Update. June 25th, 2020 Firmware Version: V20200624 Buzz 4 App Version: 4.0.476 Update Message Will Appear on its own for you to take the Update or You can check for updates manually by doing the following From the Home Screen Go to Update on the bottom of the settings row Check for Update. V20200624 Firmware Update Changes: - Updated Android Security Patch to May 2020 - Updated to latest Android 9 SDK - Optimized RAM - Added Working Netflix App - Updated + Fixed Chrome App - Added TeamViewer Quick Support. Remote Control support works now without a License. - Updated Backup/Restore Feature. Box will reboot and install a 2nd time - Fixed some Google App Crashes - Fixed the ding notification in the background. - Fixed the Media Player Launcher Crash - Fixed Power ON/OFF in suspend mode when using Bluetooth Remote Updated to Buzz 4 Version 4.0.476 Changes: - Added Recently Watched Feature to VOD + TV Series - Optimized + Reduced Memory Usage - Fixed some memory issues - Fixed Resume Feature in VOD - Fixed some catch-up playback issues - Fixed Apps Folder, installing + uninstalling apps now appear properly - Improved Channel Zapping Speeds - Added saving Closed Captioning + Audio Track per Live TV Channel + Movie/TV Show - Fixed Video Playback issues. - Fixed some search bugs - Fixed some crashes - Fixed some issues with Forwarding URLs - Fixed some issues with MAC Portals - Fixed Bug when using 24 Hour Time in Configuration menu - Fixed some M3U issues - Fixed some M3U XML EPG Issues - Fixed some Server loading issues, when adding a server for the 1st time - Fixed some issues with FFWD/REW on VOD & Catchup - Fixed some bugs with Catchup Playback. - Added Ch +/- acts as page up/down buttons when in Channel list or Grid EPG. - Added Movie + TV Show names to VOD/TV Series Search - Fixed an issue with some channels not playing in Live TV - Fixed an issue with FFWD/REW on Catch-Up + VOD/TV Series. - Fixed an issue with channels not staying in Favs group when you change channels to another Fav channel - Optimized Start on Boot to connect to server faster when powering up from a full shutdown or doing a restart. - Fixed an issue when scrolling EPG grid, that if another program had started within the 30 min time slot, the currently playing program will be highlighted now. - Fixed an issue with VOD/TV Series when using Secondary Player and getting Media Format not supported error, it will work now.
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    437 was official not beta Anyhow. New update was just sent today for everyone on 4500.
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    Will take these suggestions into consideration And see if we can add the 4000 style menu for Sub Titles + Screen Size + Audio tracks to the Mate 1. I know what you mean by it being annoying.
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