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  1. there are two remotes can you tell us which one is not working.
  2. The Server ID is proper wording, MAC do not start with Number 00 it always should start with Letter D or E or C.
  3. Clear Cache / Clear Data on Buzztv app it self?
  4. That is something to do with your provider, to fix it. Go to any other channels outside of your 24/7, Go press Menu // Configuration and change your player different player then go back, to 24/7. i am sure it will not crash anymore.
  5. Thank you for the feedback, i will forward this info to our developers for testing and fixing the issue.
  6. When you are inside VOD before playing any movies, Press Menu And Select Configuration then Select Different Video player, if it is on default change it to Secondary. Then play your movie and message us here if problem still happening. Most of these issues happens when IPTV provider changing there VOD sources.
  7. From Main Screen 1. Click on Settings 2. More settings or more 3. Apps ( under system apps you will see buzztv 2 app ) 4. Select Buzztv 2 app, 5. Clear Data 6. Scroll Up and select Open give a few second and then Re-type your URL and use it.
  8. we have no ETA yet, as we know the Production team still heavily working on it.
  9. BigBision


    we are sorry to hear about your seller experience but please use internet search engine to find yourself a Service provider, it is against our company policies to help or support The content providers.
  10. The Sky boxes are stock firmware, but buzztv firmware are real customized firmware. the apps sky places are all emulators what buzztv uses are all created from scratch for android box.
  11. as we play with MAG and Buzztv boxes, it really comes to which is easier on the eyes and easier menus and buzztv well easier on eyes and menus, and stability. where to buy Amazon or worldwidesatellites website.
  12. BigBision

    Not updating

    The last update was from Nov 21 2018, we have no more Firmware updates, only Buzztv App updates. which should be on 317
  13. please create your RMA ticket and lets take it to next level to get your box fixed, http://buzztv.com/rma make sure you have all the info completed.
  14. please select 1080P 60Hz and see the difference.
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