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Found 3 results

  1. If your YouTube App asking for update follow these steps. Note: ( If your YouTube App is not asking for update and Opens do not process this update or install ) 1. From Main Screen Scroll Down 2. Select App Store. 3. When App Store Opens 4. Scroll towards the right and Select YouTube App. 5. Scroll To Update and Select it. 6. let it download it may take you up to 2 minutes or depending to the connection of your Internet. 7. Once Download is done you will see a installation popup and select Install. 8. Once Installation is done Click on Done. 9. Press home, then scroll Down to All Apps and Select. 10. Scroll Down to YouTube app and Select. 11. Once First Screen Comes up you can login or click on Skip. 12. Enjoy YouTube App.
  2. OTA Update has been sent to all XR + XRS 4000 Boxes Version and details listed below Please post this on our forums and news sites. Buzz Firmware Changes: - Fixed some bugs that were reported - Fixed Backup/Restore Buzz TV 4 Version 4.0.385 Changes/Fixes: - Changed background color + font color + font size on Secondary Player for CC - Updated Secondary Player to newer version - Delayed the loading animation for channel + movie + tv show loading. - EPG Grid now uses centered scrolling when scrolling up/down the lists - Updated Default Player to newer version - Category button on 4000 remote, will now open category/channel list menu when on full screen Live TV - Fixed Apps Folder + PVR buttons on ARQ 100 USB Remote - Optimized server connecting time to connect a bit faster - Fixed issue with VOD not playing for some users - Fixed bugs that have been reported Features Added: - Added Hide Categories to Live TV + VOD + TV Series Categories (Use Green Button to activate this) - Added Move Categories in custom order to Live TV + VOD + TV Series Categories (Use Green Button + Blue Button to move them up or down in your custom order, press ok to save the position) - Added New Live TV Search Menu. Works/Looks same as VOD+TV Series Search You can also add channels to favs from search menu. - Added new Info screen pop up when watching a movie or tv show, press Info button once to make info bar appear, then info button a 2nd time to show the Movie/TV Show Description. Press the back button to close it. - Added Sort Options to VOD + TV Series menus for Server Mac + Streaming Line + M3U. Use the Green Button to activate this. Sort options vary by what server you're using. - Added Move Feature to Live TV + VOD + TV Series Favs row on Home Screen (Highlight the Fav you want to move, then long press the ok button and select move, move it left or right to the position you want it and press ok to save it) The position change you make, will also be reflected on the Live TV + VOD + TV Series menus for favorites - The same Move Feature (Long press ok button) on the Home Screen also works on the apps row, in case anyone missed it. Along with Uninstall and Remove from Favs options, this includes the apps folder as well. - Added # of movies/show + page #s to bottom r
  3. Buzz TV Version 2.0 (317) App Change log: New Features: - Added new sort options + menu to all Live TV Categories + EPG - Added feature to sort organized favorites in Live TV by Name or #, so you can reorganize them after. - Added new sort options to Live TV Favorites - Added Live TV Icon next to channel name if that channel is currently being played on the categories list. - Category Name now appears at the top of all Live TV + VOD + TV Series Menus - Added New Player for VOD/TV Series as main player. - Added New Player for Live TV with Recording feature. - Removed Old Player + Internal Player - Added support for Streaming Line from Xcodes Portals in Server Settings Menu - Added support for M3U Playlists in Server Settings Menu - Optimized app for better performance - Optimized channel changing speeds for faster channel changing Bug Fixes: - Fixed issue with catch-up and favorites category, it will now always stay in favorites category after watching a catch-up program - Fixed when stopping a catch-up program, you will now be brought back to time you just watched - Fixed some VOD + TV Series Favorite's issues - Fixed binge watching on TV Shows/TV Series - Fixed EPG Offset - Fixed a Resume Feature bug on VOD + TV Series - Fixed some bugs from Version 247 - Fixed a portal loading bug - Fixed Cannot play TV Series Episode after pressing info button - Fixed Auto Shut off feature - Fixed Organized Favs disappears after exiting app and reloading it. - Fixed EPG Show Information bug/not showing EPG show description for all channels - Fixed an issue with catch up not playing the next program after the first one ends - Fixed an organized favorites bug when using grid EPG - Fixed Closed Captioning issue on Secondary Player - Fixed Closed Captioning issue on VOD/TV Series with New Player. - Fixed a Dynamic URL issue on Catch-Up that caused some links not to play. - Fixed an issue with IPTV Panel Portals not working
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