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Found 8 results

  1. 1. Long Press [ TV Power + OK ] keys for 3 seconds Until you see the blue light LED turns Solid Red. 2. Press the key to be programmed. Example [ TV Power ] The Blue LED begins to blink. 3. Aim the Remote to the front of the TV Remote( distance less then 3CM ) 1) Press Power button on Buzztv Remote 2) Press Power button on your TV remote. 3 ) You will see that Light will blink 3 times 4. Press Power on Buzztv TV remote to sync the code.
  2. This Tutorial should show you how to use IR portion of your Remote, and how to change from Bluetooth Remote to IR. 1. Make sure you have your IR extender ready, and make sure VidStick is Turn on and YourTV is On. 2. Hookup the IR Extender to your VidStick aka ST4000. Using your BT-100 Remote 3. From the Main screen Scroll and Select Settings 4. Scroll down and select Remote and Accessories. 5. Select BT-100 6. Scroll down and Select Unpair 7. You see a page will ask you to Select OK 8. Now it is unpaire
  3. remember that processing this will wipe and delete all your data from the device.
  4. Process these steps i am pretty sure you will have no issues. 1. From Main Screen select App Store 2. Select Search 3. Type Prime and click on Search 4. Select the First one which has a black background. 5. Then Select Other Versions 6. Select Version 7. Select Install 8. Once Download is done, you will get a white screen and you need to select Install. 9. Once it is installed Click on Open 10. Then Enter your UserID and Password for Your Amazon Prime Account. and click on S
  5. Hi. I am looking for a fix for this box. It is stick on the buzztv screen in the beginning and will not boot up. Thank you
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