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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a Video showing you how it is processed. IR remote How to program TV or Source keys 1.Press and hold TV+OK for 3s till LED turn solid on and RCU enters learning mode 2.Press the key to be programmed on this RCU. LED begins blinking 3.Aim the TV RCU towards the front of this RCU(distance less than 3cm)Press the button on the TV RCU,if the STB RCU is programmed correctly,the LED will flash 3 times then turn solid on 4.Repeat steps 2-3 for other keys 5.Exit learning mode by long pressing OK button for 3s,LED flash twice then turn off
  2. for people who are looking for manual, here it is. BuzzTV-ARQ100-Remote-Manual-2020-v2.pdf
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a fix or update to enable better functionality with the 3900 and the ARQ-100 remote. I find some of the buttons do nothing (Back button) while other preform the wrong function (Guide button does not bring up actual guide). Any help would be appreciated! dreamer
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