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  1. out of all the boxes the 4000 is the only that reacts like this. I just had the 4000 vidstick updated and it works perfect. go figure. i like it for sports specifically.
  2. I set up to shutdown. Ive tried both streams. I have no other box doing this. I can live with it just annoying. My friends 4500 doesn't do it. I will try one more reset and see what happens. thanks for the feed back and help
  3. Just to add Also another pop up was unknown stream error
  4. I am still having issues with channel changing after box is in use 30 minutes and more I change a few channels then a channel freezes. Go to another channel works go back to original channel still frozen. Have to wait a minute or so and comes back on. It flashes stream not available. I have reset twice. cleared cache numerous times. changed video player. I have high end wifi that is within 10 feet of box. You can select several channels in a row and they all freeze . That's changing will full screen or channel screen and even using last button. Anyone else experiencing this issue on the xr4000?
  5. if I don't want it anymore how would the further updates be added?
  6. Just an update did the hard reset and box is working well now.
  7. figured that would be next step thanks
  8. I can get to server area but says connection area and to reboot box. cannot get to home screen or settings to connect wifi.
  9. buzz 5 won't open. getting screen showing app info and stop app. cannot get to home screen
  10. It show Buzztv APP ON THE 2000 but does not show Buzztv 2 app. Must be the first version of buzztv app.
  11. this is for 3000. It won't even show up when you open in app installer from the usb.
  12. Have 3 2000s 2 still working great one acting up. Is there a flash to bring to original as I think it is infected somehow. Have reset and Clearing cache usually solves some issues but not on this particular box. I know their old had to ask
  13. just purchased vidstick and it is working great. I have 4.0.529 showing in updates. I this the latest one for buzz 4.
  14. lawrence c

    TV guide

    its back after that last update
  15. lawrence c

    TV guide

    I second that
  16. did a reset and that so far seems to solved the issues along with the other updates running well now. Having some issues with provider with tv series. log in one time all working log in later a couple episodes won't load. will have figure that one out. thanks for you attention
  17. tried clearing cache. I am using secondary player. Default is worse. when on full screen and using last channel will circle for about 15 20 seconds the channel appears. Not a big issue but can be annoying. rebooted and same thing. Maybe will have to do a reset and se what happens.
  18. when changing channel or using last it will freeze and circle and eventually open up the channel. this is the only issue i am having since the last few updates. Does not happen every time.
  19. got it to work. Pairing was the wrong word. tried the learning instructions on back of remote which did not work on this remote. but what did work was selected red button TV and below source. selected about 8 times and finally connected. Not sure why this decided to change but works. Sorry I took up your time
  20. remote does nothing. batteries new. remote lights up when going through the motions but no response from box.. the other remote certain buttons on remote do not respond under normal use. have to put a lot of pressure on the buttons. only 30 days out of box.
  21. Essentials e1 box remote just quit working. Tried pairing suggested in other posts. Anything else that can be tried to get it to work again. Second are these remotes warrantied for this type of situation as this is the second remote I've had issues with.
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