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  1. Sorry. I noticed this problem in January. Have experimented with all kind of setup changes with using the internal storage or the flash drive. The only advice I had gotten was try the other storage unit. I thought possibly the thread had become obsolete. I noticed after that someone suggested downloading some apps to play the recording. Is this what everyone does. Use an app to make the box work Thanks, Gerry
  2. Sorry I don't know what either of those are. Gerry
  3. Whenever I record a program on my XR4000. The sound is out of sync with the picture. This happens using epg and when manually setting the recording time. I've tried it on the default storage and on the secondary storage. Same problem. I am using a 64 gig flash drive that is usb 3.0 plugged into the usb 3.0 slot. Any ideas? Thanks, Gerry
  4. I'm finding that recordings are out of sync for sound vs picture. Sound is as much as 2 seconds behind the picture. 1 out of 5 times the sound is in sync with the picture. I've tried switching from secondary to primary and it switched itself back and it still was the same. I'm recording into a 64Gig flash drive that is usb 3.0 plugged into the usb 3.0 port on the buzz box. Memory on it shows 58 Gig available so space isn't a problem. I only record a show to watch later in the week and don't need to archive them. Is my setup wrong? Thanks, Gerry
  5. Not sure what you mean. I am using the buzz tv box to record the program that I was watching. When I was watching the program the sound was is sync. This does not happen every time. Thanks.
  6. Hi Group, Thanks for the help before. When I record a program the picture and sound are out of sync. Usually the sound is a couple of seconds behind. This is from a program that I was watching and decided to tape the end of it. Is there a setting to look at? Thanks, Gerry
  7. And by service you mean who? Buzz tv is the only service I am using
  8. THe show called the Queen's Gambit is incomplete. Episode 4 is a copy of episode 2. Episodes 5-7 are missing. Can this be corrected?
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