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  1. lost all us channels have reset unplugged no luck any one know whats up?
  2. Can not get it to program on off source yes but not on off? Any one else get it to work worked ok with my LG . Is it just not compatible? My remote is the one with keypad not 100% sure what #
  3. thanks new to all this not sure what you mean ? it came back on today. Thanks for your help/ James
  4. was working fine this morning came home just won't start up just keeps spinning says loading categories then goes back to server settings , re started several times, rebooted modem paid up to Jan next year.
  5. I seem to cut the recording off half way through , I can't seem to find any instructions any where on how to use pvr can you help? Thks James
  6. thanks finally got it was not using original remote was using cable company remote. Works great ..
  7. Hi thanks just got this thanks , gave it a try so far still not quite getting it to work. flashes and such but wont seem to take the remote signal will keep trying. Thanks for the info.
  8. where do i find the manual for the 4500 keyboard type remote? Thanks james
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