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  1. ... and now it's working again
  2. DAZN via Kodi stopped working recently
  3. What threw me off was that the old BuzzTV box I had (I think it was an XPL3000 but I am not 100%) did work. it's not the end of the world but it would be nice to get it working again. Thank you again !
  4. yes, that's what I am doing now, thank you
  5. That would be great ! DAZN showed not much interest at their end. Thank you !
  6. I have installed DAZN app on my XRS4000 and it does not work. I can log in, I can see all the streams (tiles) but when I select one I get an error saying to check my Internet connection or my number of devices using the account, code 11-003-013. The Internet connection is great, there was only one device in use on my DAZN account. I called DAZN and they took the easy way out: this box is not on the "official" list of supported devices. Other streaming services work nicely with XRS4000. All my other devices (TVs, phones, PCs) are working with DAZN. I had on older BuzzTV model that did work with DAZN app. I also tried older versions of the DAZN app from (Aptoide TV) and still no go. There is some incompatibility between this model and DAZN stream. Can the developers look into this? This may be something very minor and it would be a shame to not fix it such a nice piece of hardware. Thank you !
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