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  1. Firm ware link emailed and install worked. Thank you all for your help!
  2. Tried what you suggested. No dice. Same thing. Thanks anyways. Will just wait and see if anyone from buzztv ever gets back to me.
  3. Not hardwired, wifi. Unfortunately can't hardwire. Do you mean go to the Android boot menu? Did that and did factory reset, no change
  4. ok, Thanks for the advice. I will wait a little longer because the more I dig into it, I really like the BuzzTV interface better.
  5. I've been trying since 6am. So in theory they could change the server my box goes to for updates? Is Buzz service on the west coast and they aren't online until noonish or does covid have their customer service shut down?
  6. It gets to the update page and says downloading update, and keeps freezing. First it stopped at 18% downloaded. I thought maybe it just needed time. Came back 4 hrs later, still at 18%. I unplugged it and restarted. Went through language and time zone setup, it goes to the Update page and starts downloading. Stops at 32% downloaded. Tried leaving it for 6hrs, came back, download still at 32%. Repeat , and the download gets up to 64%, I go to bed for the night with it on. Next morning, still at 64% download. Repeat over and over, never getting higher than 74% of the firmware downloaded. Have emailed buzzTV with my MAC and Serial number. No response. Have also emailed allaboutbuzz, so far he has not come online yet. Have given up, already done the return. Just trying to decide if its worth it to get the same one again or try the Dreamlink that the service provider is suggesting. I like the specs and the interface better on the buzzTV, but this experience is making me hesitant. Is it just bad luck and the machine is worth it or do you think other options are better?
  7. Well, rebooted, all seemed good. Went through setup again, finally got to the "Updating page" Got to 18% froze. Left it. 4hrs later still 18%. Rebooted, wen through setup, Updating got to 32 %. Left it for 6hrs still at 32. Shut down, rebooted, got as high as 64 froze. Left for hrs. Nothing. All morning, been rebooting and trying to download updates. Have gotten as high as 74% but since then, never more than 25%. I can't even get past the initial setup! If the servers aren't capable to push a freaking update, how is it going to provide the tv service?
  8. The service provider said I absolutely shouldn't power off during an update. I'm just not convinced it is actually updating. Will it brick if the update gets messed up?
  9. Hi Newbie - just bought the XR 4000. Turned it on, wen through the language, time zone and wifi setup and then nothing - black screen of death. Been that way for over 30 min. Is there an update happening or is it a dud? Thanks
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