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  1. I would rather having to click ok to switch in case I'm watching something interesting
  2. just like video player in live tv default is not default...lol
  3. what's wifi signal level at?
  4. dishuser


    there's also a pvr apk to fix recording issues
  5. dishuser


    my guess is unless they bought it used it has old firmware/software which were known to cause some users issues with recordings
  6. dishuser


    what iptv version do you have?
  7. ya I'm sure since I checked before posting edit time is really low here so I couldn't correct that post and I just checked again menu/settings/account info and it shows 1 connection being used same as in panel
  8. watching and recording same channel is one connection
  9. dishuser


    did you format the drive as removable with the 4900?
  10. dishuser

    New Update

    are you using suspend or power off?
  11. been using suspend with no issues since 1st week of May
  12. did you try a different video player?
  13. or just press category button on remote
  14. dishuser

    X5 how to

    from a shield owner he posted this last year C/P I have a Shield Pro and put it in the den last night. My Shield runs Tivimate also. I got y Buzz 4900 yesterday and after setting it up without a single problem I decided this will stay in our living room. My wife LOVES it....thank god lol. I put Tivimate on it as well as Kodi with the Doomsday Aspire build and IpVanish and I am going to say the Buzz is faster then my shield. You can use Tivimate or the BuzzTv App which works very well. With the click of a button you can change servers seemlessly or watch a PVR recoding or watch VOD etc etc. I also recorded a show last night to see how that worked and it was also flawless. I even hooked up a wireless Keyboard/mouse to the Buzz4900 and that also worked with out a single problem. So far I can not speak high enough about the Buzz4900. I haven't had it freeze or crash with all the crap I installed on it yesterday lol. The remote is a very good size as well and the backlit buttons are pretty cool. I really believe that Buzz has made a box that can contend with the Nvidia Shield only I find the Buzz4900 smoother to operate. One other thing....I find the picture extremely clear as well as the sound.
  15. dishuser

    X5 how to

    the shield runs circles around the x5? now that's funny almost no storage and less ram does not make any box better...lol
  16. dishuser

    X5 how to

    you need to put your replies outside of the quote it's hard to see what you said and Terry said
  17. try changing stream format to see if it helps
  18. is there anything that could be obstructing IR sensor?
  19. anytime good luck does your bt-100 still work?
  20. contact buzztv for support
  21. do you have cec on or off?
  22. did the button ever work?
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