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  1. wow really disappointing that it’s removed from the TV categories menu... can’t fathom why??? I don’t use the buzz remote as I’ve got another universal remote that works with all my devices. Any chance it can be expected back in some future update?
  2. I am now somehow missing the “search”option or field from the main screen under the categories or channels. I used to remember seeing that when I would scroll all the way to the top of the various TV categories and or VOD categories. Can’t figure out how that’s the case? Is there some setting that I may have accidentally turned off? Please help.
  3. I have this box hard wired/Ethernet but not sure I’m getting the best speed (do have gigabit Ethernet). So wondering if WiFi will give me better speed. What is the best way to check speed both hard wired and WiFi? Which app to use? Suggestions welcome please.
  4. Sorry. What I meant was either of those store apps work? Or is one store preferred over the other for best compatibility with this IPTV box?
  5. Is it best to install apps on BuzzTV 4500 XRS through Google Play Store or thru Aptoid TV?
  6. this is truly disappointing to say the least. I guess I can use the LG TVs built in app.
  7. No. Different room but also hardwired/Ethernet connected .
  8. 219-228Mbps constantly. I have 250 mbps package and it’s hardwired/Ethernet connected.
  9. Tried it already same issue. Have wired Ethernet so that’s not the issue. Same provider on older xpl3000 works fine. Will try today and see. Thx.
  10. Have the XRS-4500 and of late every movie or show I watch in VOD freezes every few minutes. I’ve cleared cache on the buzztv4 app cache, buzztv media player cache and rebooted. tried both the default and the new/secondary player ... same issues. any suggestions to try? Thanks.
  11. One question regarding Amazon Prime on the XRS-4500 box. I should be able to select a 4K show/video from Prime and see it in 4K correct? Of course the TV has to support 4K and mine does. Just want to make sure that there are no such limitations from using the apps from the box etc?
  12. Thx. I can definitely try that. Hate to have to reset <sigh>
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