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  1. I bought a and sold a lot of Mate1 boxes.. 2 major complaints.. 1 the subtitles.. its easy to scroll past if you hold the button longer.. it´s annoying if you watch a lot of films with multi subtitles.. always having to pressing the button.. 2 again in vod when watching a film is changing the screen format.. if it´s 16:9 or something else and you want to change it..
  2. Buzztv 2 .. does it still receive updates ?
  3. Thanks for the reply nbs.. when i watch vod.. and i want to change the subtiltes i can press the green button that brings up the closed caption choices.. it then shows on the screen eg. closed captioning track 6 Russian then i have to keep pressing the green button that shows then track 7 Swedish then 8 then 9 etc etc until you get to whatever subtitle you require.. when watching vod i can hit a button and the menue choices appear at the bottom.. on the left hand side it says scroll with arrows for left and right but this either fast forwards or backward.. its annoying when you press a moment to long then the closed captioning scrolls thro 4 or 5 tracks past what you want.. i dont have an option to just hit the left arrow to change subtitles
  4. Is there any chance of an update to speed up the changing of subtitles? It´s annoying to have to press a button on the remote x amount of times to get to the subtitles you want and if you press to long it might skip past waht you want then you have to restart the process..
  5. Yes.. Kuul media have informed me that they can´t do anything for me as Buzztv only give a 60 day warranty on the remote... which isn´t so good to put it politely.
  6. I´m using the original remote.. i don´t have another remote. Since i last posted the remote situation is worse.. sometimes to move down in a menu i have to press 5 or 6 times.. I´ve written an email to Kuulmedia on FB.. see if they reply.
  7. I´ve been using my Buzztv box since October and i´m experiencing the same problems of having to press buttons a couple of times before anything happens.. I´d also prefer any solution rather than having to buy a new remote..
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