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  1. Well i heard April and we are in May, guest we have to be patient and wait.
  2. With my server, if you have clone your mac, for example use 1 account with 2 or 3 different box (with the use of box able to change mac like xpl3000 or by using software like stbemu, the server detect this and do exactly has you described, stop video and sound for 1 second every 30 seconds. Probably not the problem, but worth the mention.
  3. I don't know, i don't have a vidstick and buzz usb adaptor to test, but if you have 5g wifi routeur you could acheave in theory faster speed than 125Mbps, but the wifi are a little less stable, there are many factor that are influence the speed of the wifi, but it worth the try. But if you only want to do some live streaming, even my server with the channel in hd are taking 8-10 Mbps, and recently they have introduce webhd channel that consume around 25-30Mbps, so ever with your 125Mbps, the livetv won't load faster or be more beautifull. Hope it help
  4. Well, it kind of false publicity that these kind of product are promissing, your ugreen usb adaptor are limited by the transfert speed that the usb 3.0 can thansfert. I can assure you that the transfert speed will never be able to acheave 900mbps over usb. In theory the usb 3.0 are suppose to acheave 640Mbps but that just the theory, in real life test it's really lower than that.
  5. It's not because you have 2 remote that work perfectly mean something, just check this Allaboutbuzz said there a new remote and know the problem and should be fix in the next firmwire, but it been 2 month ago since is last post, same thing with the other other problem, didn't hear news for month now.
  6. Anyway that not the point, i expect to be able to shutdown the box, now i must put the xr4000 in standby, if i put shutdown the box restart, i have bluetooth not responding, i bought the new remote arq100(The guide has been replace by favorite), half of the button are not working, all these trouble are suppose to be fix day ago, but we are left in the dark. It's all little problem, but put together better to irritate me, it so sad because the xpl3000 was one of my favorite box at the time.
  7. The buzz is only a android box you have subscribe to a iptv service for sure, the best bet for you is to go on the home screen and server setting, check if you have a name over there, with that name contact where you have bought the box and ask them your question.
  8. No news is good news, but in that case i think it doesn't apply, i'm waiting for that firmwire upgrade with impatience.
  9. You could install speedtest or some program like that to test your internet speed on wifi, but the powerline solution is also a viable solution.
  10. No i'm on modern, i try classic, still reboot, and just to be clear it's not only one unit, i'm a small iptv reseller, and the last batch out of 5 xr4000, 5 won't shutdown since the last update, suspend work, don't know if it something during the initial setup, i setup all in french, i did factory reset put back in english without succes.
  11. Without respect, just ask allaboutbuzz on this one, it a known bug
  12. Well your lucky, it a odd problem with android 9, some unit having the problem, allaboutbuzz already pm and said he was working on a solution. The suspend work great, but if i put shutdown in the powerkeydefinition the unit only reboot since the last update.
  13. 3 new features that i wish to see in the future. First one, to be able to pause, rewind or forward during live tv, i'm not talking about catchup, really live tv, you switch to a channel and it begin to record automatically in the ram, that way we can pause or rewind in your live record and forward to the live stream. Second, when you want to record something, it could be nice if you add an option to This show only or record all series/occurence. Third, probably the not feasible option, if you have 2 box, if you could share the record. Quatro, this one it just a joke, but t
  14. Since the update 3 box unable to shutdown, it only restart, anybody else having this problem ?
  15. Sorry i didn't know the usb dongle was actually a bluetooth transmitter, i tought the usb dongle was a wifi transmitter , like the mini usb dongle that came with a wireless mouse, actually the link you send mention after 3 second the remote resync and work Normally, but i could wait an eternity when it stop, it stop, there nothing i can do except remove battery and put it back. If the arq100 is actually a bluetooth like the link you send, how can i pair it with the bluetooth of the buzz xr4000 without the usb dongle, because i try the ok + vod on the remote when the pairing is searching device
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