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  1. hmmm, OK, I will try that as well... learning curve, thanks
  2. OK, I managed to get the m3u file to load, but another issue popped up, series and vod populates fine, but Live seems to be stuck on music. I will delete and add m3u again tonight
  3. Good first point, kinda weird to do so, but I will ask Never tried xc, but will give it a try. How much of the base url, do I need? So like, http://some name here.icu:8080/ OR is it from the app provder itself, https:// something.net name and pass I have Will look version when I get home tonight, but think its updated. Thanks for your help
  4. Just set up my new 4900 but can't connect to m3u portal. It fails everytime. The same url line works because I use it with tivimate on different, non buzz box. deleted the line and tried again, each time by input, not copy and paste. Hard wire connection is fine, program app opens and works, just can't get it to work from within the buzz box....what am I missing?
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