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  1. Buzz, the point was to let others know boxes with this firmware will never update if you don't know to go to a site discussing this stuff. No one came here and said my box says it is updated, but I know it is not. They wouldn't know that unless they had already seen this issue on a previous site or stumbled upon it here. The normal user will never know the difference. Thanks for stepping in, Buzz. Yes, I do have a ticket and a resolution has been sent. Tracking number shows it to be here Thursday. I will apply the fix and post back after the installation.
  2. Correct. He read it was not right. Surely he didn't check for a update and then say it is not up to date when it says it is.
  3. Exactly. It was not from the box, saying it was not updated. He went to a site that said it was not updated. He asked and it was fixed. Yes. But he knew it was not up-to-date by seeing it somewhere else besides his box.
  4. Japcorp, how did you know your system was not up-to-date? The box shows it is after checking.
  5. Guess you're 1 of the few with this issue. You just happen to know to go to this forum to see it is not updated. As I posted above, most don't know that.
  6. Seems like a theme to not address some of my questions. I feel the type of replies to some of my post may be intimidating to new members. Fix for my box, yes it has been sent. Fix for the personal attacks, no. You all seem very confident this sd card is going to fix this box. Let's see what happens in a few days.
  7. You all just won't let it go. I have a new box that won't update. Never will without this "fix". Most won't know they have a box that won't update. I seriously doubt these updates were released that do nothing to enhance the user experience. This thread tells me a lot about Buzztv as a company. The name-calling and accusations of me as a person are wrong. Keep the bullies around Buzz. They sure are an asset. See "the click" soon. Happy surfing.
  8. Well, you guys are awesome at 1 thing. Gang up on the poster and make them feel small, call them names and make them stop posting. Problem solved. Thanks BuzzTV! Your support from the "official forum" speak volumes about your company. If I had any idea I would be dealing with this type of help with the system, I never would have purchased the product. Buyer beware.
  9. Wow. How about we stick to answering the questions. Dishuser, Buzztv would do way better without your comments.
  10. "Drama queen"? Man, the folks here at Buzz are some professional folks. But anyway, what about my other questions? Also, I wasn't aware you had access to my personal communications with CS. My bad, I will just ask you next time.
  11. Well, 1st of all, CS never offered me a replacement. I was given the choice to send it back or get the sd card and do it myself. Nothing else. "What's the problem if I get a replacement box"? Well, I would be without a device to watch TV. So how fast do you think it will be to send it out and get it back? Mind you, no TV for that long. How to contact them? Well, surely Buzz knows who they shipped the boxes to. Maybe reach out to the mailing address. After all, these boxes will never update, and it shows as if it is. Many don't want the updates? Are you saying there is no reason to update my box? There are no changes in these updates to fix stuff? What about security patches? Nothing in the updates for that either? Don't update the box? Only happened a few........ Those poor "few" people have a box that will never update and show it is up-to-date. No problem.........A few dozen or 100's, does it really matter? Boxes are out there that will never update unless the consumer finds this site and thread to know their box is not up-to-date. Is that accurate? Oh, and my box is not returnable according to cs.
  12. Wasn't an exchange offered to me. Send it out or have a sd card mailed and do it myself. I stand by my comments of there are boxes out there and the consumer doesn't know the difference. That is not good customer service.
  13. Dishuser, you say it only happened to a few. I would say there are many that have this box, most likely all that have been sold, and don't know, they have to go to a support group to find out that the box is not updated. This box is brand new and is stuck at the old update. My box says it is updated, and it actually is not. So how many non-techie user are seeing this same thing and don't know any better? Most users go by what the box says. That shows it is up-to-date. If I hadn't come here and seen the thread, I wouldn't know the difference. Oh, and the easy fix..... I beg to differ as a general user of this box. Just my opinion, of course.
  14. Okay, I will send an email. These update issues with Buzztv sure do need to be worked out.
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