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  1. Ok Thanks , Ryu it is same file 2.0 333 https://mega.nz/file/CQNEybab#rF2YQmvphIB_5j7KTjdKnGYcvNw4_8yHzrASAXqAbLs Dishuser Thanks , if software won't update from live tv that means it's not on server Basically You are saying I am screwed and stuck with Lemon Kangaroo boxes I have more then 40 and every new box I open it has some new Issues third one brand new I Just opened does not work with ethernet. I am sure buzz have some kind of backup Just hoping for People at Buzz find little time from there buzzy schedule for me.
  2. and ver 7.1.2 build v20191111.20191111 test-keys kernal ver 3.14.29 dev_user@builder #1 mon nov 11
  3. Reset yes few times from recovery
  4. Hi thanks for replying sorry for long delay. I am stuck with quite a few Mate1 boxes for that is the my main reason to have a original firmware on hand . I had one but I can't located anymore. one box keep popping up "Bluetooth share keeps stopping" Another one is stuck on red light front of the box and tv doesn't detect please help me finding the any firmware whichever will work with Mate I "boomerang" Thankks
  5. Where can I download firmware for Mate1 ?
  6. This had happened to me on xr4000 toothpick reset worked. I beleive the problem was for me but not 100% sure that I have change in power setting from sleep to shut down when pressing the power button.
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