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  1. and what if the same service is run on the xr and then on a different box and the xr keeps freeing? I thought they added a 3rd player long time ago to the 3000. I know my other box seams to have a better player and I never get the freezing. today I just had to clear the cache on my box hitting home 3 times. never have to on the other branded box. wish they could add more cache memory to the buzz app.
  2. I kept trying then it finally did it had the tv set to 1080p then tried again with 1080i and that took, maybe just because I had to try 4 times I have 2 more I have to try again later
  3. im having this issue today with 3 new xr 4000 boxes is the server down?
  4. found it in the aptiote app thing
  5. im asking because im trying to filter out the different languages and the green button isn't doing it
  6. had to reset the friends box and it says im on 1.6 I go to menu and check for update and it dose nothing. is there another way to get the update? thanks
  7. vod work on mine might be the service your using
  8. if you need a vpn you can get one of those tomato routers where you put the vpn in the router and then run everything off that router
  9. did you get my pm? @Stugots
  10. so a friend just got a new 4 k tv if he were to download blue ray movies on to a hard drive would the 4000 play them just as good as a blue ray player?
  11. any update can the cache be increased on the app? she is not as responsive as it should be. thanks
  12. I will try that too but can the cache be increased? I just don't think we should have to have to clean it all the time. and like I asked what is the benefit to the 4 gigs of ram? I thought that's what ram is for to make things run faster. I guess when I bought this box I was expecting to just all over threw servers to apps and have no issues. my radio app when I hit the home 3 times it says closes programs but its not closing the radio. I have to do it manually or some times just unplug the box.
  13. I too find it slows it down so if its the software cache then why buy a box with the 4 gigs of ram it looks like its not needed should have staid with they xpl 3000? not trying to be rude but whats the benefit to this new 4000? can you increase the cache on the app to help it? thanks
  14. well I gut the m3u to work but no epg i'm looking forward to the update when they finish it
  15. thanks for all the hard work.
  16. Bob

    Buzz xrs memory

    okay thought this was a form I can just give my opinion and it was based off the last model is all so what are these other goodies this box has to offer can you please share. I know there are always features we find out later that we never new about thanks
  17. Bob

    Buzz xrs memory

    well I did a fresh boot today and I noticed it starts with the buzz symbol then glitches at the bottom see some lines then switches to the new 4000 logo what are these other goodies it has? I wish the main page didn't look like I was in a settings page. Im trying to run my box for more then just iptv and was excited for this to be the best because I liked the older box where for me when it booted I had my Netflix and radio on the home page. it was easier for the family. I just need to find a better radio app for my needs I don't have a radio tuner these days jut getting the most out of the internet. wish the main page could only display the favorites so it looks more like a custom tv box not just an android.
  18. Bob

    Buzz xrs memory

    well I deleted the app and it seams to be better I have tried another and I know when you double click home it close apps but it doesn't close the radio apps hit pause on the one then another was playing lol can the make the broom option on this unit like the 3000 and actually close all the apps I know on the 3000 I had to hit it 3 times to actually close everything. I also miss the nice loud sound when the 3000 started up the 4000 has no noise it just make the unit sound mean lol thanks
  19. I have the xrs 4000 and I downloaded a radio app and we used it all the time on the 3000 box But I'm having an issue with the xrs when listening to the radio for a while it's like it fills up the ram When I try to change to somthing else the box slows right down to where the remote wont respond and I have to un plug the box I thought with 4 gigs this would not be an issue
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