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    Please go here http://stbtalk.com/index.php?/topic/10-stuck-in-recovery-or-boot-fix/
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    Buzz TV Version 2.0 (317) App Change log: New Features: - Added new sort options + menu to all Live TV Categories + EPG - Added feature to sort organized favorites in Live TV by Name or #, so you can reorganize them after. - Added new sort options to Live TV Favorites - Added Live TV Icon next to channel name if that channel is currently being played on the categories list. - Category Name now appears at the top of all Live TV + VOD + TV Series Menus - Added New Player for VOD/TV Series as main player. - Added New Player for Live TV with Recording feature. - Removed Old Player + Internal Player - Added support for Streaming Line from Xcodes Portals in Server Settings Menu - Added support for M3U Playlists in Server Settings Menu - Optimized app for better performance - Optimized channel changing speeds for faster channel changing Bug Fixes: - Fixed issue with catch-up and favorites category, it will now always stay in favorites category after watching a catch-up program - Fixed when stopping a catch-up program, you will now be brought back to time you just watched - Fixed some VOD + TV Series Favorite's issues - Fixed binge watching on TV Shows/TV Series - Fixed EPG Offset - Fixed a Resume Feature bug on VOD + TV Series - Fixed some bugs from Version 247 - Fixed a portal loading bug - Fixed Cannot play TV Series Episode after pressing info button - Fixed Auto Shut off feature - Fixed Organized Favs disappears after exiting app and reloading it. - Fixed EPG Show Information bug/not showing EPG show description for all channels - Fixed an issue with catch up not playing the next program after the first one ends - Fixed an organized favorites bug when using grid EPG - Fixed Closed Captioning issue on Secondary Player - Fixed Closed Captioning issue on VOD/TV Series with New Player. - Fixed a Dynamic URL issue on Catch-Up that caused some links not to play. - Fixed an issue with IPTV Panel Portals not working
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    We released the firmware to addressed the recovery issue. Normally we don't release firmware's for many reasons. I will bring to the team to see what they say about future firmware updates. Thanks for your suggestion
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    This fix worked with me. The reset is a bit tricky. You have to look (with a toothpick) on the reset micro-switch in the AV hole. It it a bit towards the top. I had no issue after that.
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