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    to fix this problem requires a firmware update. were expecting to send a firmware update next week
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    if you need a vpn you can get one of those tomato routers where you put the vpn in the router and then run everything off that router
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    xpl3000 had issues when it first came out but within a few months after launch most bugs are ironed out. xpl3000 is android 7 which we mastered years ago and xr4000 is android 9. The dev team is doing its best to keep up with bug fixes and customers requests.
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    Yes because my 3000 works fine. This box has a lot of issues.
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    M3U XML EPG support was added to today as beta for XR/XRS 4000
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    I will try that too but can the cache be increased? I just don't think we should have to have to clean it all the time. and like I asked what is the benefit to the 4 gigs of ram? I thought that's what ram is for to make things run faster. I guess when I bought this box I was expecting to just all over threw servers to apps and have no issues. my radio app when I hit the home 3 times it says closes programs but its not closing the radio. I have to do it manually or some times just unplug the box.
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    Good News our team found a work around to this problem and sending out a new software update hopefully tomorrow. Beta testers have confirmed our work around fixed the problem
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    We reported this issue of Ethernet disconnecting when using VPN to Amlogic. This problem is happening to all S905x2 chipsets. For time being use Wi-Fi when using VPN to avoid disconnects.
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    This was not addressed before, we will work on a fix.
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    lots of channels has nothing to do with RAM. software,cache, API and server effects the speed. We're adding a new feature to clear EPG cache which will help improve loading time on the Guide.
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    This looks to be a software issue. were looking into the problem
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    Another problem is the the Buzztv app can't handle servers with a lot of channels, all the servers that I've tried the ones with a lot of channels loads so slow plus going through the channel page will take so slow to scroll because of the guide loading ,I thought the 4GB ram will handle that ?the expl3000 is way faster.
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    amlogic sdk originally only supported 32bit for this processor (s905x2). I believe 64bit is either coming or in beta at the moment.
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    thanks for all the hard work.
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